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SLAM Média 10/02/2017 01:15
Facetune nous permet de changer d'identite si on le pousse a l’extreme #NewYearNewMe #COM1600
Blac Chynese 13/02/2017 01:53
Shaved my eyebrows today because I wanted to try new styles #NewYearNewMe
Shaved my eyebrows today because I wanted to try new styles  #NewYearNewMe <br>
Deanna Rich 16/02/2017 02:22
2017 is going so great I'm so content with life & the person I've become #NewYearNewMe
Tiffany Mar 20/02/2017 02:14
When ppl know that 'bye' is a part of my vocabulary and... #NewYearNewMe
When ppl know that 'bye' is a part of my vocabulary and... #NewYearNewMe  <br>
Antony Nguyen 20/02/2017 12:03
Finally back on the gym grind! #newyearnewme
Finally back on the gym grind! #newyearnewme <br>
Andrea Cahill 20/02/2017 11:19
#NewYearNewMe slow and sketchy start, but this IS going to be the year! New Me; New Job; New Direction - #NoFear
[em]   🌊 20/02/2017 11:01
I TURNED IN HW THAT WAS ASSIGNED 3 WEEKS AGO 6 HOURS B4 ITS DUE. #newyearnewme #stayaheadofthegame #verbiswhatyoudo #whatisprocrastination
KT. 20/02/2017 07:11
I haven't been this active on twitter in a while #NewYearNewMe #lol
Linda 20/02/2017 06:37
I finished my homework before 30 mins before midnight :') #newyearnewme
shereen 20/02/2017 05:44
#newyearnewme is going too damn well
Ellen Magnuson 20/02/2017 05:31
I started drinking tea instead of orange juice before my daily crying session(s) and my tears have been much less pulpy #NewYearNewMe
Kayla Poley 20/02/2017 03:46
Just finished a 2-mile run. It will be a struggle. It will be up and down, but I will change myself! #NewYearNewMe
Andrew Bartley 20/02/2017 01:05
After Friday I'm taking a break from drinking.. Just fruit ,vitamins and drugs. #newyearnewme
Verity Moses 19/02/2017 11:29
Riding a bike is fun af and it saves petrol money #NewYearNewMe
Austin Bampbell 19/02/2017 09:37
Might've just lost some friends. But it'll be all worth it in the end. #NewYearNewMe
Shannon   🚀 19/02/2017 08:50
i don't hate running as much as i used to, does that count as achieving a fitness goal? #newyearnewme #stillaweaklingthough
Alice Heaton 19/02/2017 08:50
I wish I had Sunday nights mentality all week #newyearnewme
Dave Kinney 19/02/2017 04:02
My goal every morning is to not look like a homeless person. I rarely meet my goals. #NewYearNewMe #HowAmISingle?!
beam me up scotty 19/02/2017 01:14
I wish I didn't smoke so much pot in highschool n put more time in the gym. I've seen such an improvement in my body and mind #newyearnewme
yuki 18/02/2017 11:31
just bought jeans for the first time in 3 years #newyearnewme
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