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elizabot.txt 13/05/2017 03:12
I gave up lmao. #createamusicgenre U READY FOR SOME lofi jazz.

Access Social Security on the go Sun, 14 May 2017 03:15:00 GMT
Social Security is here for you when you’re traveling, whether it’s just a state away or when you’re abroad. When you open a personal and secure my Social Security account, you can access it on your terms. We put you in control of your finances and ...
elizabot.txt 11/05/2017 09:12
Can't believe no one time i ever listened to it. #createamusicgenre U READY FOR SOME lofi jazz.
Country music often gets a bad rap in the ears of nonbelievers—by which I mean, people who are not already fans of country. Complaints run from the lyrics (dogs, trucks, mamas) to the instrumentation (especially banjo and pedal steel), vocal style ...
elizabot.txt 04/05/2017 09:34
He’s actually my identical twin… #createamusicgenre U READY FOR SOME lofi jazz.
Pop punk and power violence, crust punk and hardcore, J-punk and even Chipmunk Punk. They’re all the children of that “deafening roar that awakened the people like never before” — as new kids’ book and musicophiles’ collectable “What Is Punk ...
Mark Stevens 22/04/2017 06:03
#CreateAMusicGenre Skuffle - home made instruments, with fighting
Think Migos and other rap artists mention molly and marijuana the most in their songs? Think again, because hip-hop has the least amount of drug references than any other music genre, according to a recent study. »RELATED: Migos: 5 things to know about ...
Mark Stevens 22/04/2017 06:01
#CreateAMusicGenre Traditional Jizz
Twitter feuds are all too common, yet we still follow every little dispute to see what will be said next. And yet another one has erupted between EDM stars Skrillex and Deadmau5. Deadmau5 is known to be a social media instigator. However, it’s surprising ...
Jennifer Gray 22/04/2017 12:32
#CreateAMusicGenre Country Cranky Pants
Ian Dougal Sykora 21/04/2017 11:15
#CreateAMusicGenre Regressive Rock.
Wewee Sankido 21/04/2017 10:46
Rap tor (sample dinosaur sounds and remix them into some trap beats) #CreateAMusicGenre
Wewee Sankido 21/04/2017 10:44
Flaming House #CreateAMusicGenre
Wewee Sankido 21/04/2017 10:44
Chemotherapeutic Trance #CreateAMusicGenre
Sebastian Stoker 21/04/2017 08:29
Political Love Ballots #CreateAMusicGenre
PastorOfPUNters.13 21/04/2017 08:28
Base Metal #createamusicgenre
Sebastian Stoker 21/04/2017 08:28
Middle-management Punk #CreateAMusicGenre
Sebastian Stoker 21/04/2017 08:27
Big Banned #CreateAMusicGenre
PastorOfPUNters.13 21/04/2017 08:23
Boner Rock #CreateAMusicGenre
Sheryl Simpson 21/04/2017 05:46
Chemo. Sad songs about cancer... #CreateAMusicGenre
Brandon Ball 21/04/2017 04:42
Florida Georgia Line is basically if NASCAR was a music genre #CreateAMusicGenre
Terry G 21/04/2017 03:39
#CreateAMusicGenre Country and Northern
Jay Samra 21/04/2017 02:43
Remember Britpop? How about Britjazz. #CreateAMusicGenre
jeff 21/04/2017 02:41
What's that there niggra music and honky music? We oughta combine the two. #CreateAMusicGenre
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