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Kris Cruz 25/04/2017 09:58
Science marchers confess their environmental sins #MarchForScience #ScienceMarch #DescribeAGreenie http://www. theblaze.com/video/science- marchers-confess-their-environmental-sins/   …
Greenies do ‘walk talk’ among Thu, 31 Jul 2014 19:12:02 GMT
In this column, you describe a Greenie that actually “walks the talk”. Well, just because you haven't met a person, it doesn't mean he or she doesn't exist. If you took the time to meet local Greenies, you'd find people who minimise their use of cars ...
Christopher Branam 24/04/2017 10:21
#WhatILearnedToday #DescribeAGreenie thinks climate science is settled, belives gender is a choice. @KAL79 @DocThompsonShow @realKrisCruz

As sales of EVs are tallied-up, keep one thing in mind: Many are not meant to be sold in earnest. “They’re only built to meet California regulations for zero-emission vehicles–which is why they’re called “compliance cars,” says Green Car ...
Larkyfarken™ 23/04/2017 08:31
@DocThompsonShow #DescribeAGreenie Yells at you about water conservation, wastes water by playing in a pool or taking a shower.
For the past 15 years I’ve considered myself a lazy composter (lazy about how I do it, not lazy as in sometimes I compost and sometimes I don’t), that is until I discovered ‘extreme composting’. Now I’m totally pumped about my composting effort ...
TMB Listener Q-10 23/04/2017 07:20
@DocThompsonShow @TheBlazeBrad #DescribeAGreenie Owns an acre of solar panels to power ONE light bulb! #WhatILearnedToday
An allegory of journalistic decline Wed, 29 Aug 2012 06:35:00 GMT
It is the memory of the old-school journalism once championed by Rupert Murdoch that gives the modern 'profession' its scraps of dignity, writes Jonathan Green. It was at the tail end of journalism's golden moment, the brink of its transformation and ...
Larkyfarken™ 22/04/2017 07:51
@DocThompsonShow @realKrisCruz #DescribeAGreenie Tells you to "SAVE THE TREES!", then wastes paper resources by making ridiculous signs. https:// twitter.com/realKrisCruz/s tatus/855871193819353088   …
The Burning Intolerance of Green Scolds Fri, 04 Aug 2017 18:26:59 GMT
Rational analysis offers the hope that warmists and sceptics might find common ground were they to focus on cost-benefit analyses of "solutions" to greenhouse emissions. Nah, who am I kidding? Carpetbaggers living off public subsidies now control the ...
Oregon Redskin 22/04/2017 04:43
#DescribeAGreenie Buys multi million dollar beach house on the ocean!Wait greenie or @algore ? @DocThompsonShow @realKrisCruz @TheBlazeBrad
Neil Pound 21/04/2017 11:53
Warns of drastic sea level rise, then purchases oceanfront property. #DescribeAGreenie
Stephen Englisch 21/04/2017 09:59
#DescribeAGreenie The Fungus Among Us. @DocThompsonShow @realKrisCruz @KAL79 #WhatILearnedToday
Stephen Englisch 21/04/2017 09:58
#DescribeAGreenie @DocThompsonShow #WhatILearnedToday You can't shake it from your finger.
Randy Wilson 21/04/2017 08:32
That incessant drip, drip, drip of a leaking faucet... #DescribeAGreenie
Doc Thompson 21/04/2017 04:19
Are scientists really marching for science? #MarchForScience #DescribeAGreenie http://www. theblaze.com/podcasts/are-s cientists-really-marching-for-science/   …
Skippy 21/04/2017 03:52
#DescribeAGreenie Does a hard sell job on hemp products to everyone they know, thus displaying their undying love for marijuana.
Tif #TMB Listener 34 21/04/2017 03:08
#WhatILearnedToday @DocThompsonShow @TheBlazeBrad #DescribeAGreenie When you try to give them facts.........
God Bless You 21/04/2017 02:58
#DescribeAGreenie..Children we must save all the Trees ..... Tomorrow Children lets go buy a Christmas Tree .. Hypocrites !!!
Brian Guy 21/04/2017 02:09
People who jet around the world to decry the damage done to the planet by fossil fuels. #DescribeAGreenie https:// twitter.com/NerfHerder36/s tatus/855422776139816961   …
TMB listener 002 21/04/2017 02:07
Tomorrow is Earth day So #describeagreenie Don't hold back, be so honest it triggers them
Keats 21/04/2017 02:04
#DescribeAGreenie under the advisement of my attorney I plead the fifth.
Nature Freak 21/04/2017 02:01
#DescribeAGreenie someone who brags about their superior vegan diet while putting others down. Many people in the US cannot afford 2 eat.
T. J. King Kong 21/04/2017 01:58
A Luddite with the latest iPhone. #DescribeAGreenie
Nature Freak 21/04/2017 01:51
The little dog bones that my little dogs enjoy. #DescribeAGreenie
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