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Libel Trump 26/01/2017 12:08
@RealDonaldTrump told me he has no idea what "Classified" means #PEOTUS

On Wednesday, the Late Night host used his "A Closer Look" segment to dive into what Donald becoming POTUS means for the serious environmental issue — and it's not good! Ch-ch-check out Seth as he takes "A Closer Look" at how Trump's views on the ...
Mikey deux 24/01/2017 12:54
what he really means is he never wants you to catch him lying to you. @PressSec #alternatefacts #whitehouseofdeplorables #peotus
The censored emails do not indicate whether the State officials resolved the issue in time. POTUS means "president of the United States." The State Department's scrutiny, which went beyond the standard ethics requirements for all federal officials ...
B Sherman 20/01/2017 02:17
#YoureHired @FoxNews @marthamaccallum #first100 re: polls: Optimist 66% means approval of #PEOTUS . Low T approval is to avoid media bs.
'State of Affairs' is off to a great start as an NBC TV series, and when Katherine Heigl set out as an actress and executive producer for the show, she had her own goals. State of Affair is off to a great start as an NBC TV series, and when Katherine Heigl ...
JCox™ 20/01/2017 04:26
@DavidCornDC @nycjim @nytimes yeah, means they let them hang themselves #EmolumentsClause #PEOTUS
The factors we don’t know are. The President. Normally, the President negatively impacts Senate races. A Democrat POTUS means the GOP has an edge and vice versa. The Senate. Senate majority negatively impacts Senate races. Until those are decided ...
Mark Jackett 20/01/2017 12:49
Are You Not Alarmed? #impeachment makes domestic worse w #Pence Keeping #PEOTUS means existential threats abroad. Flip a coin? #RESISTANCE https:// twitter.com/nytopinion/sta tus/822070359310663680   …
POTUS means President of the United States. THE FACTS: With his tweet, posted either by Trump or someone on his staff, he endorsed a theory that is not supported by the document cited in the report by Brietbart News. Nowhere does the secret 2012 Defense ...
(((Liz Ditz))) 19/01/2017 04:29
If #PEOTUS is indeed an adult #dyslexic, @LibyaLiberty it only means he's dyslexic. #Dyslexia isn't a lack of intellect.
marguerite dorn 18/01/2017 08:02
#POTUS: #PEOTUS, new Admin, must approach volatile situations #intentionally. That means more thought than 140 characters. #ForeignPolicy
Dinca 18/01/2017 04:36
Hey @realDonaldTrump do u realize that house repubs are elected on pop vote? That means u will lose by 2.9 mill in less than 2yrs #PEOTUS
marguerite dorn 17/01/2017 08:34
#Putin desperately worried about #PEOTUS ability to fulfill #campaign #promises. Wonder which he means? #Sanctions abcnews.go.com/International/ wireStory/putin-us-administration-undermine-trump-44827160?cid=social_twitter_abcn   …
Ed Davis 17/01/2017 03:05
@realDonaldTrump Two words: "historically unpopular." That means no #peotus EVER has been as unpopular as you. https://www. yahoo.com/gma/trump-rema ins-unpopular-presidency-hand-poll-122025670--abc-news-topstories.html   …
William Lloyd 17/01/2017 02:18
Amazing this old guy thinks his opinion means so much to #PEOTUS or #America # Delusional
Shari Bornstein 16/01/2017 01:49
NOW I get it. Maybe THIS is what #PEOTUS means about "Making America Great Again". https:// twitter.com/joenbc/status/ 820977656615342081   …
Jeanne Noordijk 16/01/2017 02:28
#PEOTUS appears to me to be a braggart and I think that means he is insecure. I hope he can learn in a hurry. Going to be an interesting 4.
Tammy Rockwell 15/01/2017 08:17
Pointing out the absurd comments of #PEOTUS doesn't mean that one doesn't support the country, it means one doesn't what him to destroy it.
Raul Torres 15/01/2017 07:39
#PEOTUS or better yet #PEEOTUS is banking that the end will justify the means. hat no matter what he does legally or not that the True (Pt1)
Julie Nicole 15/01/2017 05:08
I think someone needs to remind a certain #PEOTUS of what tomorrow means to Civil Rights & human decency, & not a day to thank the "haters"
I think someone needs to remind a certain #PEOTUS of what tomorrow means to Civil Rights & human decency, & not a day to thank the "haters" <br>http://pic.twitter.com/4ykhN24eyv
Alan Schwartz 15/01/2017 03:43
@realDonaldTrump apparently "scheduling issues" now means not welcomed there. #PEOTUS #fraudinchief #mepolitics https:// twitter.com/ABCPolitics/st atus/820619926905954305   …
Elizabeth 15/01/2017 02:46
I started following @MatureTrumpTwts - a Trump tweet translator that makes me feel like surely this is what #PEOTUS actually means to say.
Diane Verhoest 14/01/2017 10:13
By all means talk #JohnLewis & #PEOTUS on #MLKWeekend
#MSNBC No white bearded man! It has nothing to do with win or lose! It is the means! In particular voter suppression! Your #PEOTUS is a pig!
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