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Jello shots!!!! #preparingforfridaythe13th insta topsy.oneHide your kids, hide your wife

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Nicc 18/10/2017 03:21
New songs coming soon...#preparingforfridaythe13th
After years of reading your sun sign's horoscope and nothing else, having your birth chart read can be downright illuminating. Suddenly, you aren't just one solitary sign, but a complex being made up of many planetary signs and points. Your birth chart can ...
Steve (TempestMask) 14/10/2017 03:24
When it came to #PreparingForFridayThe13th, all I wanted to do was prep to finally upload my podcast. On #FridayThe13th, I did exactly that.

Raleigh, N.C. — According to WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner, temperatures will drop gradually on Monday, making for an instant fall week. "We're going to see the warmest temperatures of the day this morning, in the mid 60s," said Gardner. "By late ...
Sandra smith 13/10/2017 08:03
#PreparingForFridayThe13th. I got a lottery ticket. I always have good luck on Friday the 13th
Today is sister Liz and Levi’s silver wedding anniversary. Twenty-five years! They were married the year before Joe and I were. It just seems impossible that those years have passed by so suddenly. We are done for the night, after getting our clothes ...
18+#SINFUL2SAINTS 13/10/2017 08:02
One of the World's Largest Subs Just Arrived In South Korea https:// youtu.be/ldk1QAlHoxY   via @YouTube #ww3 #PreparingForFridayThe13th
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Riding a three-game winning streak and sitting in first place in the NFC East, the Philadelphia Eagles have no time to enjoy their position. They have to quickly get ready for the Carolina Panthers on Thursday night. "You don't have ...
It can be difficult to embrace the excitement of preparing for motherhood for women embarking on the journey alone. Women around the world who were abandoned by their partners during pregnancy took to the anonymous confessions app Whisper to share their ...
Chris Magill 13/10/2017 03:04
#PreparingForFridayThe13th by explaining to everyone that there's a difference between paraskevidekatriaphobia and triskaidekaphobia.
Samantha   🕉 13/10/2017 03:03
#PreparingForFridayThe13th We don't have much time left here on my part of the planet
W.B. Lemon 13/10/2017 10:54
#LEMONADE is our #MorningJoe #PreparingForFridayThe13th and playing #HoopFever DL available at WBLemons.com   #AndroidDev #indiedev
Donald Stoddard Jr 13/10/2017 08:44
#PreparingForFridayThe13th preparing for a violent death AGAIN! Like the LAST 55 years and several chances each year. Just am not lucky.
Just Tweeting Stuff 13/10/2017 08:17
#PreparingForFridayThe13th How do you prepare when you're a spooky, Halloween-obsessed person 24/7? Just sayin'... LOL!
#PreparingForFridayThe13th  How do you prepare when you're a spooky, Halloween-obsessed person 24/7? Just sayin'... LOL! <br>http://pic.twitter.com/K7agv6JS8W
Down & Nerdy Podcast 13/10/2017 06:53
#PreparingForFridayThe13th by downloading podcasts to entertain you? Give ours a try https:// buff.ly/2gfoO9A  
CMyBonesRot 13/10/2017 04:30
#PreparingForFridayThe13th by prepping for my colonoscopy... two birds and all that
Zombie Dude 13/10/2017 02:58
#PreparingForFridayThe13th by have a black cat tree.
Dan McCormick 13/10/2017 02:57
#PreparingForFridayThe13th by creating new superstitions
#PreparingForFridayThe13th My favourite+actually, my luckiest day of the yr so gonna b up to complete shenanigans with no regrets.
Mari Hamill 13/10/2017 02:25
#PreparingForFridayThe13th by getting a haircut. I'm going to look great!
ramelos 13/10/2017 02:24
#PreparingForFridayThe13th by not antagonizing the psycho next door.
Mari Hamill 13/10/2017 02:23
#PreparingForFridayThe13th by practicing my evil spells. Cackles. Any volunteers?
Mari Hamill 13/10/2017 02:21
#PreparingForFridayThe13th inviting the exorcist for an out of this world dinner.
Lord Gadin 13/10/2017 02:11
I call all my old camp counselors and make sure they know that is was not personal what happened that year. #PreparingForFridayThe13th
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