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Keep your eyes on the lookout for our @jetblue scarves tomorrow as we Scarf the City! You could win big if you find one! #PrideInTheAir insta topsy.oneNot hating the views this morning. #PrideIntheair insta topsy.one#lockitup #prideintheair #scarfthecity insta topsy.one#PrideInTheAir #OurCityOurPride #FillTheBowl #FilledWithPride πŸ’œβš½οΈπŸ’™ insta topsy.oneUp pre-dawn this morning to help hide 1000 scarves all over the city to promote the @ORLPride Home Opener on Saturday. #PrideInTheAir #MarvinGaye #MilkDistrict insta topsy.oneWhen anchors get new things...πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ€—πŸ’™βš½οΈπŸ’œπŸ€—πŸ’™πŸ’œ
@orlpride spread 1,000 scarves across the city (some including tix to SaturdayScarf the City @orlpride! #prideintheair insta topsy.oneAlmost game day @orlpride! #prideintheair insta topsy.oneMorning joe? #PrideInTheAir insta topsy.oneRainbow under a dusky pink sky 🌈 #prideintheair insta topsy.oneFor only Love can conquer hate. -Marvin Gaye

@orlpride insta topsy.oneFirst chance I had to post this today @orlpride #prideintheair Can#prideintheair now hanging on my office!!! This means, HOME OPENER TOMORROW! πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’œ insta topsy.oneThis morning, scarves from the @orlpride were spotted on our campus. The NTC wishes the team the best of luck in tomorrow

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Michelle Wells 22/06/2017 05:25
Darn right she will as well as @marta_viera10 @camilinha94mp @StephCatley @Kris10Edmonds @Jas_it_Up. We are a stacked team. #prideintheair https:// twitter.com/lifetimetv/sta tus/877918999501254658   …

Michael Morse was angry at everyone inside the Giants’ clubhouse in the hours after he and Jeff Samardzija banged heads during the Hunter Strickland-Bryce Harper brawl in May. Or so he was told. Morse said Friday that he had little recollection of what ...
Michelle Wells 20/06/2017 09:03
It's @ORLPride talent. @camilinha94mp Goal of the week and @AubreyBledsoe for save of the Week. 2 for 1 this week. #prideintheair #NWSL
Salvation Army provides relief from the heat Fri, 23 Jun 2017 07:52:00 GMT
Summer is officially here. People in Corsicana and Navarro County are feeling it. To help those who are in need of relief from the heat, The Salvation Army is stepping in to help in two ways. One, they are offering free air conditioning units and fans and ...
Michelle Wells 19/06/2017 04:14
Our @ORLPride is looking good moving on up. #prideintheair
HACKENSACK β€” Nick Edis, the salutatorian for the Hackensack High School Class of 2017, took pride in coming from a school where his classmates came from diverse backgrounds. β€œWe don’t see black, white, Hispanic or Asian,” Nick Edis, the ...
Michelle Wells 18/06/2017 09:42
Amazing game @ORLPride! So proud of the whole team. Impressive game and 3 pt to add. Fancy feet, amazing saves and teamwork. #prideintheair
After almost two years of preparation and a century in the making, Scott Air Force Base celebrated its 100 years of service with the 2017 Centennial Airshow and Open House June 10-11. β€œI think the airshow was not only an exciting way to commemorate 100 ...
Michelle Wells 17/06/2017 02:26
Double header today for our @OrlandoCitySC and our @ORLPride! Let's bring home the 3 points kids!! #prideintheair #vamosorlando https:// twitter.com/ORLPride/statu s/876077913266847744   …
The big, brilliant rainbow hung high above the Tampa skyline for as long as it could, a good half hour and change, a harbinger of Irish gold if ever there was one. Then the sun set and U2 took the stage at Raymond James Stadium. And for the rest of the ...
Michelle Wells 03/06/2017 09:12
Wishing my @ORLPride Good Lucktoday at the game. U ladies play alot of and have the drive to get those 3pt. #prideintheair #WonderWoman
Wishing my @ORLPride Good Lucktoday at the game. U ladies play alot of  and have the drive to get those 3pt. #prideintheair #WonderWoman  <br>http://pic.twitter.com/FxVA5dObmY
Jonathan Day 14/05/2017 06:18
June 13th, may be one of the amazing days of my life and work. #prideintheair #deathdrop
Michelle Wells 08/05/2017 06:17
I vote for Marta of the @ORLPride for @NWSL Goal of the Week! Vote #MartaGOW https:// cards.twitter.com/cards/qck0vf/4 5hin   … #Vamosorlando #prideintheair
Michelle Wells 07/05/2017 11:03
That #flipthrow is pretty darn amazing @danicaevans7! @ORLPride #vamosorlando #prideintheair https:// twitter.com/ORLPride/statu s/861353486734286855   …
Michelle Wells 07/05/2017 04:40
Game day Lady ! My son J and I will be cheering from #orlando especially @Ashlyn_Harris + @alikrieger. @ORLPride! #prideintheair #KCvORL
LionNation 03/05/2017 09:09
The winner of our #Marta autographed @JetBlue #PrideInTheAir scarf stopped by today to pick up his prize! Congrats Charles!
The winner of our #Marta autographed @JetBlue #PrideInTheAir scarf stopped by today to pick up his prize! Congrats Charles! <br>http://pic.twitter.com/kL8DdlcDyM
Michelle Wells 30/04/2017 12:46
You had some amazing saves yesterday. Just some growing pains, but KC is next. #goalieoftheyear #captainamerica #orlandopride #PrideInTheAir
#prideintheair, STOP FUCKING AROUND! HOMOS are being arrested tortured for being #GAY in #Chechnya. HELP. Donate your shit@RainbowRailRoad
Jonathan Day 22/04/2017 09:44
Big day today..... Please, give me the power to convince! #prideintheair
Tanya Mistysyn 22/04/2017 08:55
Come on @ORLPride we want to use smoke! #ORLvWAS #FilledWithPride #prideintheair
Come on @ORLPride we want to use smoke! #ORLvWAS #FilledWithPride #prideintheair <br>http://pic.twitter.com/vMKgYQR3tf
Michelle Wells 22/04/2017 07:34
This is our #orlandopride. Come show us your #Orlando. #PrideInTheAir
This is our #orlandopride. Come show us your #Orlando. #PrideInTheAir <br>http://pic.twitter.com/DQUZwTGiJk
Kay Rawlins 22/04/2017 07:08
@orlandomayor wishing .@ORLPride luck for today! #prideintheair
@orlandomayor wishing .@ORLPride luck for today! #prideintheair <br>http://pic.twitter.com/skRdmIdajB
Liz DuFrane 22/04/2017 01:41
GAMEDAYYYYY!! LET'S GOOOO!!! Time to #FillTheBowl and get that W!!! @ORLPride #prideintheair @NWSL #NWSLonLIFETIME
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