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At first, Mr. Vaughan thought he knew what was going on. “I’d previously seen a hummingbird in a state of torpor,” he said, “when it was hanging straight down by its feet, regenerating its batteries, before dropping down and flying off.”

But most of all, they take the liberty to hold open their hands for state subsidies and other privileges. Routine and torpor are often the price they pay. The Flying Steps, on the other hand, do it on their own, throwing tolerance of artistic compromise ...
Jamie Goldberg 14/08/2017 04:18
Portland Timbers collapse in second half against Toronto FC: 5 takeaways #RCTID #MLS #TORvPOR http://www. oregonlive.com/timbers/index. ssf/2017/08/portland_timbers_collapse_in_s.html   …
What's up with Australian shares? While most rich-country sharemarkets are trading higher than their pre-GFC highs, Australian share prices have not done that well over the past 10 years. While property prices in Sydney and Melbourne have almost doubled ...
Mother Nature has equipped them to withstand the unexpected, however. If a cold snap sets in early, hummingbirds go into a state called torpor. Their little bodies will basically shut down all non-essential functions, their temperatures drop by up to 50 ...
Toronto FC 13/08/2017 09:00
After 90: @WheelerTSN and @caroline_szwed recap a total team performance at @BMOField #TFCLive | #TORvPOR
WEDNESDAY’S WORD was torpor. It means a state marked by apathy, lethargy and inactivity. Example: After eating an entire large pizza by himself, Fred slipped into a deep torpor. Did you lose a ring over at the Lowe’s on Commonwealth Boulevard?
CHANT PHOTO 13/08/2017 08:20
Toronto FC 13/08/2017 08:00
“It’s a testament to how well we’ve played.” @Alex25Bono on his record 12th win MLS win : bit.ly/2wGhMxM   #TFCLive | #TORvPOR
“It’s a testament to how well we’ve played.”  @Alex25Bono on his record 12th win MLS win  :  http:// bit.ly/2wGhMxM       #TFCLive | #TORvPOR <br>http://pic.twitter.com/cZbjVPRLxa
CHANT PHOTO 13/08/2017 07:36
The exact same stride as his father. #TORvPOR #tfcLIVE #TorontoFC #SebastianGiovinco #Soccer #Futbol #Toronto #The6ix #TheBeautifulGame
http://pic.twitter.com/6ZBYGKegcs – at BMO Field
Toronto FC 13/08/2017 07:00
Back from the national team, back on the scoresheet (x2) @justmorrow meets the media : bit.ly/2wGizyK   #TFCLive | #TORvPOR
Back from the national team, back on the scoresheet (x2)  @justmorrow meets the media  :  http:// bit.ly/2wGizyK       #TFCLive | #TORvPOR <br>http://pic.twitter.com/c6UHtGB9lz
USMNT.com 13/08/2017 04:22
RT torontofc: for ! justmorrow completes his brace with a wicked right-footed strike #TFCLive | #TORvPOR
MLS Title Belt 13/08/2017 02:31
By a result of 4-1, the winners of this contest and STILL #MLSTitleBelt Champions, @torontofc! #TORvPOR
Jamie Goldberg 13/08/2017 02:21
Portland Timbers fall apart in second half in 4-1 loss to Toronto FC (updated with quotes) #RCTID #MLS #TORvPOR s.oregonlive.com/kygXr0j  
Cameron Jones  ⭐️ 13/08/2017 02:09
Just seeing the #TORvPOR highlights. Come on, @mls, some people are red/green colorblind. Don't have both teams use solid colors!
WorldElite Syndicate 13/08/2017 01:45
Solid start to our Saturday card... Regular Club 4-0 #MLS DOMINATION Two 3* BEST BETS #TFC #TORvPOR Over 2* #SEAvsKC Under 1* #CLBvCHI Over
Mike Santos 13/08/2017 12:56
#TORvPOR @caroline_szwed how do I get my hands on a TFC HD scarf lol #latetotheparty
London Timbers 13/08/2017 12:46
Well and truly beaten tonight but congratulations to @DiegoDv8 on your 50th mls goal? #RCTID #TORvPOR
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