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Sand Art!! #WhatToDoWithMyAshes
Sand Art!! #WhatToDoWithMyAshes <br>http://pic.twitter.com/LD9DRNlQoa
What to do with my ashes? I only ask that my family do what I would do: Keep them in a container — maybe an empty can of Lipton Diet Iced Tea — on my desk at home. When you clean the desk in a few years, you'll find the container, wonder what's in it ...
Silver Eye   ☄ 14/11/2017 04:24
Use them as a substitute for salt. Coz I'm salty AF. #WhatToDoWithMyAshes

Heloise: Spinning sheets Tue, 18 Dec 2012 16:00:00 GMT
I now carry one of the metal mint tins in my pocket or purse. This way, I have an ashtray with me, and no worries about what to do with my ashes or leftover cigarette butt. — Gwen, via email Dear Heloise: I eliminate the tangled miniature-light problem ...
Megan Haas 14/11/2017 04:19
Bio urn. Boring, I know. But I love the idea of becoming part of nature. #WhatToDoWithMyAshes
Bio urn. Boring, I know. But I love the idea of becoming part of nature. #WhatToDoWithMyAshes <br>http://pic.twitter.com/m9JnNPSX2J
Both the NFL and the players are wrong Wed, 18 Oct 2017 13:20:24 GMT
I have been a proud Baltimore Ravens season ticket holder for the past 21 years, and as of today I have sold my season tickets and seat licenses (“Preston: Attendance is down at Ravens games. The reasons for no-shows are up," Oct. 16). It is a sad day ...
Bethmo 14/11/2017 04:06
#WhatToDoWithMyAshes anything you want as long as you urn my respect. (I’ll see myself out ...)
We ask a celebrity a set of devilishly probing questions – and only accept THE definitive answer. This week it’s the turn of actress Phyllida Law... The prized possession you value above all others… My bed. It’s incredibly comfortable. It’s only ...
JaKe W 14/11/2017 04:05
Mix them with soil and grow weed out of them #WhatToDoWithMyAshes
We gently slit open the bags and the contents slid out into the small hole. First Mom’s. Then Dad’s. Between the two there was enough to fill a gallon ziplock. I thought there would be more volume. This is it — the sum of a life. I swallowed hard ...
Silver Eye   ☄ 14/11/2017 04:04
Do whatever the fuck you want. I don't care, I am dead. #WhatToDoWithMyAshes
Nolene Dougan 14/11/2017 04:04
Throw them against the wind and make sure someone I don’t like is standing behind you at the scattering... #WhatToDoWithMyAshes
Jacqui 14/11/2017 04:03
I kinda want Keith Richards to snort them. He'll definitely outlive me. #WhatToDoWithMyAshes
MeltLikeButta 14/11/2017 04:03
Mix with water and use to paint a sad gray sky over some happy little bushes. #WhatToDoWithMyAshes
® obin 14/11/2017 04:02
#WhatToDoWithMyAshes I would prefer they were scattered across my fav beach, but you could snort em for all I care. Not like I'm gonna find out.
Meg_Silver 14/11/2017 04:02
Give them to a friend #WhatToDoWithMyAshes
Victoria Veruca Salt 14/11/2017 04:02
Bake them into brownies and see how many strangers think you said "hash" instead of "ash." Record the reveals as they eat and post to YouTube. #WhatToDoWithMyAshes
Kristen Fitzgerald 14/11/2017 04:02
Start a new Makeup trend #WhatToDoWithMyAshes
Michael 14/11/2017 04:02
Launch them into space. #WhatToDoWithMyAshes
RoeLovesUofMichigan 14/11/2017 04:02
Sprinkle them in a pot of chili for my friends, to make beautiful music with me one last time... #WhatToDoWithMyAshes
ThePublicGadfly 14/11/2017 04:01
#WhatToDoWithMyAshes One word. Firework.
Ifwitwashit 14/11/2017 04:01
craig onetweetwonder 14/11/2017 04:00
Scatter them in a coffin. #WhatToDoWithMyAshes
SadAltGrl 14/11/2017 04:00
Put them in a casserole and chow down. #WhatToDoWithMyAshes
Corey Miller 14/11/2017 04:00
Let the Roomba take care of them. I've always wanted to be part robot. #WhatToDoWithMyAshes
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