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Lauren Blake 19/07/2017 04:52
A6: taking short breaks to walk away from work, taking my full hour lunch break to recharge, petting my otter stuffed animal #bufferchat
Social media strategy. Blog promotion, blog design ... The second part of engagement is a weekly #bufferchat, organized by our Community Champion Nicole and featuring a new guest host each week. These have been great opportunities to interact directly ...
Lauren Blake 19/07/2017 04:39
A5: I want to learn more Spanish, and more about real estate. I'm all over the place with stuff I'm interested in!#bufferchat
Lauren Blake 19/07/2017 04:34
A4: unplug completely - no tech, just letting my mind wander and writing down any ideas I have #bufferchat
Lauren Blake 19/07/2017 04:23
A3: treating myself - like lunch at a new place or a pedicure. Something good for my mental health that's not an everyday thing #bufferchat
Lauren Blake 19/07/2017 04:15
A2: no specific goals for me, just adopting the habit of feeling inspired and going for it. Doing something new can't be forced #bufferchat
Lauren Blake 19/07/2017 04:09
A1: personal wellbeing is the base of who you are-you can't grow any aspect of your life w/o investing in personal development! #bufferchat
Lauren Blake 19/07/2017 04:02
Tweeting from the Chicago burbs. Love hanging out by the beach and going to street festivals in the summer! #bufferchat
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