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어 05/10/2017 02:49
I voted for #TeamBTS on @TheTylt—winning Teen Choice, Billboard awards proves @BTS_twt is the top international act fb.me/7RdDHhUks  
Guys.....don't reply something who make war. Its already happened. We can't change the result. Just work harder for other award #TeamBTS
We had the result. Although we was lose, it's okay, don't blame other fandom. We did our best and once again made BTS on top trend #TeamBTS
hanny   ❣ 19/08/2017 06:40
listen armys, whatever the result is dont blame ourselves to much coz we know we did our very best #TeamBTS
#TeamBTS Is it over ?? Whatever da result we had Fun Thanks @TheTylt & I love ma BTS ARMY Family forever @BTS_twt
Love_yourself_Jo♡ 19/08/2017 06:33
I am so confused that i cant sleep now. Is the result published yet? #TeamBTS
Tormento Eterno 19/08/2017 06:32
#TeamBTS what is the result? Who is the winner? #SURPRISE_SoribadaBTS
taetae30 19/08/2017 06:26
how's the result? #TeamBTS
ᴄ ᴜ ɴ ᴛ 19/08/2017 06:22
Wha is the result #TeamBTS
vote uri bangtan 19/08/2017 06:20
OMG VOTING HAS END NOW...so nervous for the result #TeamBTS
No matter what the result is, I still love and support bangtan forever! #TeamBTS #SURPRISE_SORIBADABTS
mai stans legends 19/08/2017 06:15
#TeamBTS y'all said "It'S jUsT a PoLl" at the fan army face off too and the result meant armys being discouraged to vote
AMI_Bang Tan 19/08/2017 06:05
trend both hashtags to support BTS on Soribada and The Tylt: #SUPRISE_SORIBADABTS #TeamBTS looking foward to the result
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