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Claudia Grossi 10/01/2017 10:10
Influence of long-range atmospheric transport pathways and climate teleconnection patterns on the variability of surface #210Pb and #7Be

Source regions of high concentrations of 7Be, 7Be/210Pb and O3 and regions originating high potential vorticity values are analyzed by means of trajectory statistical methods applied over the time series collected in the period 1998-2011 to this aim.
Claudia Grossi 30/09/2016 09:41
#WeMO helps to describe #7Be and #210Pb variability in the western Mediterranean basin : bit.ly/2dgaDvq  
The basinwide bulk-sediment accumulation rate was found to have increased from 0.003 g cm-2 yr-1 before settlement to 0.07 g cm-2yr-1 for the period from 1962 to 1983. Since settlement of the surrounding area, profundal sediment became highly calcareous ...
Claudia Grossi 17/09/2016 11:16
Another good new:Our paper on atmospheric #210Pb and #7Be variability has been accepted in #JER @rcurcoll @JAMorgui
210Po and 210Pb activity concentrations in spas groundwaters occurring at São Paulo (SP) and Minas Gerais (MG) states, Brazil, have been reported in this paper with a dual purpose: to compare different indices for evaluating the radionuclides mobility ...
Nate Logan 21/08/2014 11:26
Hitting 200+ on the bench regularly is a nice feeling. #210PB #ChestDayIsBestDay #ChestDay
Concentrations of 210Pb and 210Po in tissues from 41 uranium miners and 11 unexposed individuals are reported. The tissues studied were bone, liver, lung, kidney, spleen, testes, heart, muscle, pancreas, lymph nodes, small intestine, stomach, aorta, brain ...
Stephen Prosser 20/11/2013 02:42
First samples on the hot plates #210Pb #msdatasets #finally
First samples on the hot plates #210Pb #msdatasets #finally<br>http://pic.twitter.com/D5hE6Q1xYd
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