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Tom Duwe 18/08/2017 05:51
Joey, you gonna hurry home to rent spots on your roof for Eclipse Freaks? Hear they're getting $1000 per person. #3HourMinimum?
The cost, without liquor: $300 an hour for camper bar with a 3- hour minimum). After five hours, it’s $160 an hour including the bartender. “I’ve always saved my recipes from working in different bars,” said Lisa Hockney, who spent much of her ...
Dr Coralie English 11/08/2017 04:32
So many good ideas for increasing practice time #risetothechallenge #3hourminimum @strokefdn #smartstrokes17 @sarahftyson @Jo__Howe https:// twitter.com/StrokeBrainPRC /status/895833865859719168   …

The Spa at ARIA Thu, 14 Sep 2017 04:14:00 GMT
All Spa Suite services are reserved for parties of up to four people in 1-hour blocks of time with a 3-hour minimum reservation required. Lie down on our Japanese stone beds and let your tension melt away. Not only do our ganbanyoku beds soothe muscles and ...
Stephen C. Maly 17/04/2017 09:11
Sauce #redsauce #marinara #homemade #3hourminimum https://www. instagram.com/p/BTAEY1aAF9C/  
A new Federal Communications Commission rule that would require television stations to broadcast three hours a week of educational programs for children became a virtual certainty yesterday, when James Quello, one of the commissioners blocking the ...
  ✨ Tera   ✨ 26/09/2016 06:42
my Maui dog says you're invited to pet her anytime. #germanshepherdhuskymix #3hourminimum #Maui
my Maui dog says you're invited to pet her anytime.  #germanshepherdhuskymix #3hourminimum #Maui<br>http://pic.twitter.com/XT4IKSWxwU
Cheek can only afford to bring someone in twice a week. “He had a decent pension, so everything is private pay, so to get someone in here, it’s $20 an hour with a 3 -hour minimum,” said Cheek. “It adds up real quick.” Cheek said her family has ...
DanceParentProblems 25/09/2014 06:55
@Jojidoody oh yes. (though I'd KILL for only an hour drive) #3hourminimum
8 Charlotte agencies for finding child care Thu, 03 Mar 2016 19:36:00 GMT
With spring is right around the corner, the task of summer child care is in the air ... all the way up to $35/hour for 6 children). There is a 3 hour minimum per job. Event Childcare = $25 per child with a minimum of 5 children for 4 hours then, $5 ...
sundial girl 17/09/2014 08:42
read an article about napping and they stopped the analysis at 90 minute naps. didnt realize this article was for amateurs. #3hourminimum
Hailey Lechelt 01/06/2014 04:10
One does not simply "watch tv for an hour" #3hourminimum
cassidy earhart 14/09/2013 04:12
Bitches be crazy for lulus #3hourminimum
That Vain Girl 26/06/2013 08:27
I judge you if we show up to the gym at the same time and you leave before me #iworkhard #3hourminimum
mal 13/05/2013 04:03
@OlyviahLove12 not like they've EVER been short #3hourminimum
Josiah Durie 20/03/2013 08:47
@JoshOlson6 can't wait for brunch next year. #3hourminimum
Brig 07/02/2013 08:57
@ebosworth17 @morgylg oh no me and Morgan cannot handle that store #shoppingaddiction #3hourminimum
Maddie Wofford 07/01/2013 08:32
Coffee with @ShelbiDraper is always my favorite #kindredspirit #ironsharpensiron #3hourminimum
Patrick O'Connor 11/09/2012 08:07
You know its gonna be a fun car ride when my mom gets a phone call #3hourminimum #nomusic
Gege Lincoln 10/07/2012 01:39
Why does the 'Worldwide Leader' insist on scheduling the #HRderby for only 2 hours every year? #3HourMinimum
Kurt Maggio 13/05/2012 01:46
@pressdog @NASCARJetDryer DW interviwing Danica? #3hourminimum
Andy Benner 02/05/2012 04:47
Could not be more excited for the nap im about to take #3hourminimum
sarah :) 12/04/2012 09:36
This mood. <<<<<< I can't nap for an hour. #3hourminimum
Colin Casey 13/01/2012 09:34
naptime is the best time #3hourMinimum
Victoria Lipson 03/12/2011 06:34
and it starts...flat ironing my hair #3hourminimum
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