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Marie-Claude Bibeau 23/10/2017 05:43
Canada's humanitarian assistance will save lives and help the 900 000+ Rohingya refugees at the #Bangladesh border. https:// 10/23/prime-minister-appoints-honourable-bob-rae-special-envoy-myanmar   …
YANGON (Reuters) - Two hunters from a remote village in the north of Myanmar’s troubled Rakhine state were killed and two others were injured by unidentified gunmen after crossing the border into Bangladesh, Myanmar’s government said on Monday.
Awami League 23/10/2017 04:00
#Bangladesh will become a developed country if AL Govt remains in power for 10 to 20 more years: @sajeebwazed https://
GENEVA — The Bangladesh population of Rohingya Muslims who have fled deadly persecution in neighboring Myanmar will soon exceed one million and the crisis shows no sign of easing, the United Nations said on Monday. The assessments came during an ...
Christoph Hanger 23/10/2017 10:42
Follow us and our work from ICRC’s #Instagram account this week. #Bangladesh
Almost a million Rohingya people have fled Myanmar for Bangladesh, placing the country in an "untenable" position, Bangladesh's envoy to the UN says. Violence against Rohingya in Rakhine, northern Myanmar (Burma), continues, Shameem Ahsan said. "Thousands ...
Awami League 23/10/2017 10:00
No need for hundi to bring money into #Bangladesh from abroad with launch of PayPal’s Xoom services: @sajeebwazed https://
Rohingyas must go home, Bangladesh says Mon, 23 Oct 2017 09:43:14 GMT
Shameem Ahsan, Bangladesh’s ambassador to the united nations in Geneva told a U.N pledging conference. ““Despite claims to the contrary, violence in Rakhine state has not stopped. Thousands still enter on a daily basis.” This comment came amongst ...
Christos Stylianides 23/10/2017 09:59
The #Rohingya deserve nothing less than every other human being in the world. #Bangladesh @UNReliefChief @RefugeesChief @IOMchief @eu_echo
DHAKA: India will resolve all irritants in ties with Bangladesh with sincerity, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said today as she inaugurated 15 Indian-assisted development projects in this country worth worth about $8.7 million. On the last day of ...
ICRC 23/10/2017 09:35
Crowded makeshift camps. Lack of sanitation. Extreme heat. These are some of the harsh conditions displaced families in #Bangladesh endure.
Doordarshan News 23/10/2017 02:48
External Affairs Minister @SushmaSwaraj and Foreign Minister of #Bangladesh at the display of memorabilia of Liberation War of 1971
Sufi Faruq 22/10/2017 12:18
#Bangladesh Marching Ahead Under the Bold and Able Leadership of Prime Minister #SheikhHasina [email protected]
Caroline Holt 22/10/2017 11:05
And today we passed the 1,000 patient mark in the ERU field hospital after just 7 days. @Federation #IFRC #Bangladesh
بثينة العزابي 22/10/2017 07:21
“I think they shot me by mistake. They meant to shoot big people." #Roghinya boy - #Bangladesh
Nature Mr49 20/10/2017 11:57
#elephants Area of #Safari Park #Bangladesh Watch Video > https://www. dfVgE   …
Sufi Faruq 19/10/2017 01:37
Under #LICT, Govt will provide a 6-month extensive training to 10,000 youths on online #Outsourcing -   #Bangladesh
Sufi Faruq 19/10/2017 12:06
Steps taken to generate 200,000 employments in #Outsourcing every year from 2021 -   #Bangladesh #DigitalBangladesh
Christoph Hanger 19/10/2017 07:16
Thousands of people are crossing from #Myanmar into #Bangladesh at the moment. We are on the ground to provide assistance!
Abu Tasneem Mushaf 19/10/2017 12:28
mosques around #Bangladesh have been collecting money for the #Rohingya oftentimes those donating are poor themselves. May Allah enrich them
Sufi Faruq 18/10/2017 05:22
Various steps been taken by govt to earn $1b in #software export and #outsourcing by 2018 Full-   #Bangladesh #ICT
Sufi Faruq 18/10/2017 02:48
#Bangladesh ranked as the 7th most popular destination for #Outsourcing among 186 countries -   #DigitalBangladesh
IOM Bangladesh 18/10/2017 02:38
The #Bangladesh Gov confirmed it will move an estimated 15,000 people stranded in “no man’s land” near #Anjuman_Para to settlements.
Awami League 18/10/2017 04:00
Led by Prime Minister #SheikhHasina, #Bangladesh is Marching Ahead: Addressing needs of persons with NDDs and autism
DataGroup Asia 14/10/2017 12:44
#Bangladesh: Square Textile : #Acquisition Concluded concrete sales profits in Oct 2017.   #CorporateMerger
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