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Win. Dance. Repeat. #BennyBiceps insta topsy.oneLast ball game of the summer ⚾️ #BennyBiceps #WinDanceRepeat insta teach us how to get those biceps so we can hit bombs like you! #bennybiceps insta topsy.oneGreat night at Fenway Pahhhk with Mom and Dad #YOTD #BennyBiceps #AwwHell insta topsy.oneSEC Media Days were a success! As you all know, at the end of the SECMD they predict the West and East Divisions. I am going to try to predict the predictions. (Except the East, cause no one cares about em.) SEC WEST 
1- The Elephants 
2- The Gus Bus
3- The Bayou Bengals
4- The Puppies 
5- The Razorhogs
6- The Cowbells 
7- The Ineligible Freeze

I was stuck between A&M and ARK but being the non-biased Hog lover I am I had to (painfully) give the nod to A&M. Tell me your predictions and what I shouldSox walked off and the Yankees still suck #BennyBiceps insta topsy.oneSide mirror szn 
#WinDanceRepeat #BennyBiceps insta topsy.oneThe kid is putting on a show ⚾️💪🏼 #BennyBiceps #AndrewBenintendi insta topsy.oneI bet you had no clue I live and breathe for this team. #redsox #bennybiceps insta topsy.oneLast ball game of the summer ⚾️ #BennyBiceps #WinDanceRepeat insta topsy.oneWin. Dance. Repeat. #BennyBiceps insta topsy.oneSox Lose 7-3 Red Sox had some offense led by Devers 2HR and Benintendi had a HR as well. They got on base but couldnTendi #killingtheball every night! #homerunsallday #killinit #bennybiceps #benny #tendi #benintendi #redsox #redsoxrookies #mlb #16 #boston #rookie #baseball #sox @redsox @andrewbenintendi16 insta topsy.oneI bet you had no clue I live and breathe for this team. #redsox #bennybiceps insta topsy.oneBenny Biceps coming through in the clutch last night! What a series, kid @andrewbenintendi16 #AndrewBenintendi #ALROY #TheRivalry #BennyBiceps insta topsy.oneSALE PITCHES A GEM, KIMBREL CLEANS IT UP! DEVERS HOMERS IN THE 9th TO TIE IT AND BENNY BICEPS WINS IT FOR US IN THE 10th!!! STRICTLY W

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WILL 15/08/2017 12:17
Benny biceps #RedSox #benny
NEW YORK - For a rookie who began this month on the bench, Andrew Benintendi is putting up a monster August. Benintendi rocketed a pair of three-run homers off All-Star Luis Severino and the Boston Red Sox bounced back from a tough loss, roughing up the ...
Jarod Shea 17/06/2017 04:16
I second this #benny #biceps

The Baby Bomber or Benny Biceps? “All Rise” or “Win, Dance, Repeat”? Listen to Zolak and Bertrand’s full debate over which Rookie of the Year candidate they would rather have on the Red Sox, and give us your take in the poll below: Take Our Poll
LuLuChris58 28/01/2014 05:08
Benny Biceps Thirsty Tuesday.., in the snow edition!!! Where all my cold thirsties at????? #HavesAndHaveNots #benny
I went through that for two months. I'm sure he'll figure it out." Maybe he will. But this much is certain. Little Benny Biceps has totally out-muscled Judge this weekend in the Bronx. And grandpa, a former Yankees fan, is here to savor it.
Darlene Montz  ⚜️ 19/11/2013 10:59
@courtneygeer86 @TyLepley Lol girl it's #Biceps Tuesday . Grab a hold of #Benny's biceps. U'll sleep good 2 nite!!!
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