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Tim 26/09/2017 05:01
Still a Cardinals fan #BirdGang
Black out the right way for UofL vs. Clemson Wed, 13 Sep 2017 13:22:00 GMT
GDL gears up for the College GameDay top 15 matchup between the UofL Cardinals and the Clemson Tigers. WHAS11 Sports Reporter Whitney Harding breaks down the odds for the game. Brian B. Still Scott shows off the official BirdGang Cardinal merchandise on s
Stephanie 26/09/2017 03:48
Annnnd that's game! Goodnight #BirdGang Keep staying LOYAL y'all! #BeRedSeeRed
Larry Fitzgerald #AZCardinals #BeRedSeeRed #BirdGang #AZvsDET โ€” ๐Ÿšจ Ronnie Laybold ๐Ÿพ (@YotesHereToStay) September 10, 2017 The Cardinals are without David Johnson and Carson Palmer very well could be done, but letโ€™s kick ...
TURTLExTakeTheKnee 26/09/2017 03:26
Dont even sweat yall. All we need is for Fitz to snap it to Fitz and throw to Fitz for a touchdown twice.... #WeGotThis #BirdGang
The Cardinals should win this game handily. If they donโ€™t? The Birdgang will hit the panic button -- and Iโ€™ll be right there with them. The logic goes like this: If a mediocre Los Angeles Rams team can score 46 points against the Colts, the David ...
Shawn Rivard 26/09/2017 03:21
LET'S GO DEFENSE!!!!!!! #DALvsAZ #BirdGang #MNF
Weโ€™ll start with a look at what the guys think about the 2017 edition of the #Birdgang. 11-5: 4 votes 10-6: 5 votes 9-7: 1 vote All of our panelists have the Cardinals notching a winning record, which would be the teamโ€™s fourth in five years under head ...
Shawn Rivard 26/09/2017 03:09
Larry Fitzgerald is already in the Hall of Fame Catches like that is exactly why Best to ever rock the Az jersey #DALvsAZ #BirdGang #MNF
Former Male High School football player and University of Louisville alumnus Danny Mosby has taken his high energy off the field and applied it to his newest venture โ€” Birdgang Brand Clothing, which just closed a deal to expand its reach and sell U of L ...
Shawn Rivard 26/09/2017 03:06
Fits just stole that ball in mid air Like a manly man That cowgirl didn't stand a chance #DALvsAZ #BirdGang #MNF
Shawn Rivard 26/09/2017 02:40
Gotta play Prescott like we do that midget in Seattle Stay in your lanes Always leave a spy Don't leave your feet #DALvsAZ #BirdGang #MNF
maddyb 26/09/2017 02:39
come out and support tmw @ 6:30 vs. Franklin!! #birdgang
Shawn Rivard 26/09/2017 02:37
Palmer to Fitz for TD Beautiful throw by the guy everyone said should retire last week Palmer now at 125.0 rating #DALvsAZ #BirdGang #MNF
SB52 Bound 26/09/2017 02:35
Stephanie 26/09/2017 01:52
#Repost How adorable! Baby #BirdGang cheering on the @AZCardinals #BeRedSeeRed
Shawn Rivard 26/09/2017 01:51
Prescott only had 35 yards of total offense in first half, only 25 of them passing #YouLikeDak? #DALvsAZ #BirdGang #MNF
Anthony Troftgruben 26/09/2017 12:47
When you watch the Cards get a 3 and out and @DylanTouvell gets some time on the air #BirdGang #wishiwasatthegametoo
Barstool Air Force 26/09/2017 12:38
We chose to never take a knee #BirdGang
Eric Dickerson 26/09/2017 12:32
Watching @RickySealsJones make his #MNF debut as @AZCardinals vs @dallascowboys get em Rick! #BirdGang
Jude LaCava 25/09/2017 11:24
Cards head coach Bruce Arians with this message entering the stadium tonight #birdgang #MNF #CardsvsCowboys
Lane Johnson 25/09/2017 06:28
2-0 in the division got me and the boys like... #birdgang #flyeaglesfly #LJ65 @fcoxx_91 https://www.  
Are American flags barred from the stadium tonight? @AZCardinals @KTAR923 @AZSports #AZCardinals #MNF #BirdGang #DALvsAZ
Rodney McLeod 24/09/2017 10:06
That's the definition of a team WIN 2-0 in the division let's keep it rolling #birdgang #bleedgreen
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