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Egon Willighⓐgen 22/07/2017 03:41
well, the step from #CNSDisease to #CNSCure was marginal, IMHO
CNS Cure Priority for UCB & Partner Fri, 13 Jan 2012 05:59:41 GMT
UCB (Other OTC:UCBJY.PK - News) along with Japanese pharmaceutical company Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. recently announced that they have decided to focus on the development of therapeutics for central nervous system (NYSE:CNS - News) disorders, while ...
ha, I think you did, but I seconded it ! #CNSCure

As we're ringing in the New Year, I daresay a few glasses of champagne or other spirits were probably enjoyed by many Huffington Post readers. So this seems like the perfect time to take a closer look at some of the popular lore about alcohol and nutrition ...
Egon Willighⓐgen 22/07/2017 03:31
@McDawg suggested #CNSCure
Egon Willighⓐgen 16/07/2017 12:50
#CNSCure is not quite going viral yet :)
Egon Willighⓐgen 16/07/2017 12:45
sometimes foundational research has a huge impact on a much larger community https:// 86/1758-2946-3-33   … #OpenBabel #CNSCure
Egon Willighⓐgen 16/07/2017 11:24
I'll go for this paper from @mkutmon https:// l.pone.0082160   … Cytoscape has a lot of impact, and CyTargetLinker increasingly too #CNSCure
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