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NotHammerNation19 04/01/2015 12:27
What the hell is going on with Ginn fielding punts? #fred
The Bulls head coach didn’t go Full-Beast-Mode in his media session earlier today, but he came close. It’s clear that Fred is sick of fielding questions about Mirotic, who’s still recovering from the facial fractures he suffered thanks to the fist of ...
David McGlashan 08/07/2014 04:57
Scolari has a bet with Sepp Blatter that Brazil can win the World Cup by only fielding ten players in each match. Hence #fred.

Paine’s line should resonate with former White House attorney Fred Fielding. As deputy and associate counsel to President Richard Nixon during Watergate, he witnessed the truly alarming spectacle of a president undermining the office’s integrity.
Pulist 07/07/2014 08:33
http://www. at-snow-camp-1404765199.html   … #Cameron #Party #Departs #Fred Ruth Fielding at Snow Camp
Was Fred Fielding Deep Throat? Mon, 28 Apr 2003 12:57:00 GMT
Chatterbox is looking at a January 1981 clipping from the Washington Post headlined, "Nixon Ex-Aide Named Counsel to Reagan." The ex-aide in question was Fred Fielding, whom William Gaines and his journalism class at the University of Illinois have ...
ndy1er 23/05/2011 02:55
I'm currently fielding offers from #MLB teams! Northeast preffered but $ talks and BS walks! F #Fred Wilpon!
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