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Anna Hatch 14/09/2017 03:00
Basic #science research & cell biology is the foundation for developing cures for deadly diseases like Alzheimer's #FundUSAScience https:// us/908314673879109633   …
Open Science DB 19/09/2017 08:27
Next up is the @NIH. This agency is the largest public funding source for medical science in the U.S. #FundUSAscience
Next up is the @NIH. This agency is the largest public funding source for medical science in the U.S. #FundUSAscience <br>
KFLA 18/09/2017 05:01
RT @UCSUSA: We think public safeguards are critical to a healthy future. Share why you think the US should continue to #FundUSAScience
Nick Mailloux 15/09/2017 10:53
If for no other reason, Congress should #FundUSAScience for masterful science puns like this one. https:// us/908691887267237888   …
Dr. Katie I. 15/09/2017 09:15
PhD research/salary was funded via advisor's @NSF grant. instead of being required to teach every sem., could focus on work #FundUSAScience https:// us/908405396066521090   …
Laura Huenneke 14/09/2017 10:55
Federal $$ aided me in grad school (NSF Grad Res Fellowship), PhD (NSF Dissertation grant), pretenure studies (NSF, BLM). #FundUSAscience https:// us/908405396066521090   …
Mary Bird 14/09/2017 09:17
Without science we will never be able to survive on our changing planet. Science is providing Truth in an uncertain time #FundUSAScience https:// 908422654801190914   …
Sonya Miller 14/09/2017 06:24
"'If we want to be less hurricane-vulnerable, we have to make the investments needed to make that happen,' Masters wrote." #FundUSAScience https:// /status/908359415547547649   …
Beth Linas, PhD 14/09/2017 05:47
Cutting $ to #HIV treatment will directly lead to an increase in morbidity & mortality from this tricky infectious disease #FundUSAScience https:// 107526943555584   …
500wsDC 14/09/2017 02:43
#FundUSAScience to better understand wildfires to prevent their environment and human impact https:// tus/908337050465828865   …
Beth Linas, PhD 14/09/2017 02:08
Will firearm violence continue-yes- will we know les about its public health and social impacts-yes #FundUSAScience #sigh https:// c/status/908330766492426240   …
Sean Zuckerman 14/09/2017 01:19
[email protected] Federally funded research protects our Great Lake & creates jobs like mine. Say no to cuts. #FundUSAscience
Sean Zuckerman 14/09/2017 01:19
[email protected] PhD scientist here funded by NIH & NSF. Want to create more Ohio jobs? Increase research $$$. #FundUSAscience
Sean Zuckerman 14/09/2017 01:18
[email protected] NIH- & NSF-funded PhD scientist here. I am creating jobs in your state. Say no to research cuts. #FundUSAscience
Anjali Kumar 14/09/2017 01:18
#Biodiversity is one of humanity's best defenses against extreme weather and rising temperatures https://www. 09/170911122625.htm   … #FundUSAScience
Heidi Steltzer 14/09/2017 01:14
Through federal programs I'm paid to watch plants grow. Why? They offset CO2. They pump & filter water. They protect us. #FundUSAscience https:// us/908314673879109633   …
The Science Network 14/09/2017 01:01
What federal #science programs bring health, safety, economic benefits to your district? Tweet using #FundUSAscience
Lisa Hecht 14/09/2017 06:27
[email protected] Federally funded research protects the environment that safeguards our health & safety. Say no to cuts. #FundUSAscience
Brittany Barker 14/09/2017 01:54
[email protected] I am a scientist with the DOI and take pride in my agency's work to prepare for changing environments. #FundUSAscience
ArchivalActivist 14/09/2017 12:05
Important piece about far reaching economic role of research in universities...In middle America #fundUSAscience https:// tatus/908112413169418241   …
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