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Ottawa Robotics Comp 26/09/2017 03:42
Listen up, #girls: a tech career isn't just for gamers and AI enthusiasts http://www.   #STEM #GirlsInSTEM
Girl Scouts is committed to providing opportunities to engage girls in STEM and scientific reasoning and allow them to apply concepts learned in school in new ways. Upcoming STEM events hosted by Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast include Engineering Women ...
Terri Cooper 26/09/2017 04:20
@MissyByte on a women in science & tech panel @DRIScience @Switch #girlsinstem
Machine Design recently spoke with Hannah Gilbert, the STEM Program Coordinator of the Girls Scouts River Valleys in Minnesota, who educated us on how the Girl Scouts have always been about science and engineering and how they are engaging girls in STEM ...
Rwanda Girls Initiat 26/09/2017 02:43
Our 7 @rwandagirls alumnae are the future of modern #agriculture in Rwanda.   #showcaseschool #girlsinstem
Anita Gandhi is a leader in the exploding field of genomic medicine. She tells the 74 that she was fortunate to be surrounded throughout her education with diverse, smart men and women all inspired by science.
Werkin 26/09/2017 11:00
These fab female #marine #scientists @GillsClub have a message for girls: Sharks aren't just for boys. #GirlsinSTEM
With close colleagues, I am working to increase more young girls in STEM with Drone Camps at Rice University with partners BP, RCEL, and Microsoft. With leaders from across the industry, I helped co-found Women of Commercial Drones to focus on mentorship ...
greenlight for girls 26/09/2017 10:39
Excited to kick off #CityGivingDay with @EuroclearGroup in #London!! #GirlsInSTEM #DNAExtraction #Engineering
20 Under 40: Honorable mentions others Fri, 22 Sep 2017 03:15:00 GMT
In addition, she has established the SPARK program for memory impaired individuals and their caregivers, special nature experiences for the visually and hearing impaired, the Girls in STEM program, and No Child Left Inside activities. Her nominators credit ...
BCAScience 26/09/2017 09:33
Amazing #summer presentation from Y10 #biology on #Cancer treatment with #Zika @BCAWarrington #GirlsInSTEM #STEM
Ludmila MorozovaBuss 26/09/2017 08:21
'There was no order in his #reading; but there was order in what remained of it in his mind.' Ayn Rand #STEM #GirlsInSTEM @rachelloumiller
Teen-Turn 26/09/2017 08:10
Shout out to the 7 girls who submitted @BTYSTE project applications in association with the @TeenTurn alumni programme! #GirlsInSTEM
The MegaBrights 25/09/2017 09:15
Students learning their voice matters as we recruit a new squad of SUPER SMART #GirlsInSTEM #Peel21st makers @PeelSchools. cc @madewithcode
GirlsIncWestchester 25/09/2017 05:20
Meet our alumna Alex, studying Cyber Security and Social Justice at St. John's University. Good Luck Alex! #StrongSmartBold #GirlsInSTEM
In2science 24/09/2017 11:03
Inspiring speakers, passionate guests and brilliant ideas! All helping to keep supporting #girlsinstem #sgiSTEM https:// 29483089510400   …
Erika A.P. Schreiber 24/09/2017 10:02
speaking to middle school girls tomorrow abt being a scientist (+ teaching abt climate change & the Arctic). advice? #scicomm #girlsinstem
Reminder that we're seeking subs for our 3rd BRAVE NEW GIRLS charity anthology! Details here: ml   … #kidlit #girlsinSTEM
Brigid Prouse 23/09/2017 02:44
Solving problems with data #llcCodeDay @LLCsudbury @learningcode let's also close that gender pay gap #girlsinSTEM #scicomm
J. Renne 22/09/2017 09:46
Amazing turn out at the first LEE meeting of the year! 26 deep! Can't wait to see what these girls do this year! #girlsinSTEM #lhsstemvb
STEM Gems 22/09/2017 12:00
Awesome List! 17 Fantastically Fun Shirts For Girls Who Love STEM:   via @TaylorPittman22 #GirlsInSTEM #WomenInSTEM
shipra_ships 22/09/2017 03:44
A young Year 3 girl giving programming demo at YOW! Connected - this is so freaking awesome! #YOWconnected #girlsinstem #girlpower
uCodeGirl 21/09/2017 07:22
Beautifully stated, Dr Bajwa, @AgEngineer1. #MentorOfChange #GirlsInSTEM #uCodeGirl
Louize Clarke 21/09/2017 07:12
Great to see @adahal championing #GirlsInSTEM #coding #WIB17 @codingweek
Women in STEMM Aust 21/09/2017 01:08
Girls in STEM event @EngAustralia https://www. m-tickets-37747736496   … #girlsinSTEM
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