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Renaud Creus 11/06/2017 05:19
Ce #MediapartLive commence bien @L_Espargiliere @TertuliaSC

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron revealed how he will deal with Greek debt in case he wins the elections on Sunday. He said he is in favor of a concerted restructuring of the Greek debt by keeping Greece in the euro zone.. In his last ...
Gaël M. 11/06/2017 05:02
Others thought the idea would fail. “He’s ambitious. He might do well, but centrists never become president in France,” a senior French government official told BuzzFeed News last year when asked about Macron’s chances. Meanwhile, as Macron rose in ...
Julie Escamez 11/06/2017 05:01
Dans les startings block #MediapartLive
Wells, C., Van Thomme, J., Maurer, P. et al. Fr Polit (2016) 14: 206. doi:10.1057/fp.2016.4 Major political events now unfold in a hybrid political information cycle: even as millions of citizens tune in to television broadcasts, many also comment – and ...
AlexisH 07/06/2017 06:39
Ok Tapie qui vient pas. LOL. #MediapartLive
Masterscriptie Andrea Wagemans over Mediapart Thu, 29 Jan 2015 16:00:00 GMT
from SciencesPo students who wanted to do a similar audit of Mediapart. The first time I heard about Mediapart, was in February 2011. I was an exchange student at SciencePo in Paris and during one of his lectures on Political Economy of the Media ...
Julie Escamez 31/05/2017 07:38
Remember "I, Daniel Blake" de Ken Loach... #MediapartLive https:// status/870001427388784642   …
l'UMP m'a tuer 17/05/2017 08:19
#MediapartLive Supprime ! https:// tus/864937582903398401   …
Rrr_helene 17/05/2017 07:15
Dialogue passionnant en ce moment sur @mediapart. Comme d'hab. #MediapartLive https://  
MediapartLive 08/05/2017 01:17
[REPLAY] – Comment reconstruire la gauche ?   #MediapartLive
MediapartLive 08/05/2017 09:02
[REPLAY] – Les MacronLeaks et un retour sur la campagne   #MediapartLive
[REPLAY] – Les MacronLeaks et un retour sur la campagne  http://      #MediapartLive <br>
Yasser AL Mejlad 07/05/2017 07:34
The results are in Emmanue lMacron will become the next President of #France #JeVote        #Avote #MediapartLive
The results are in Emmanue lMacron will become the next President of #France  #JeVote        #Avote #MediapartLive <br>
C.ritias 07/05/2017 04:53
A regarder !!#MediapartLive https:// status/860913898718978049   …
brett hughes 06/05/2017 03:51
Our generation's electoral fraud. Sad! Could another populist domino fall in France? Lets hope not #MacronLeaks #imnotwithher #MediapartLive https:// tus/860822214987448320   …
Brice LACOMETTE 06/05/2017 01:44
The latest Brice Lacomette, revue de presse! /1312397072?edition_id=7f5b6000-3240-11e7-a3ae-0cc47a0d164b   … Thanks to @Verhaeghe @phjarry @AlbineVilleger #mediapartlive
  👽 06/05/2017 06:43
Twitter Likes and followers hack #Gangaa #MediapartLive #naymer  
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