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Steinfeld News 25/07/2017 01:47
#MostGirls is the 4th best selling song by a female artist on iTunes US right now!
Her current single, Most Girls, is a tropical house banger with an intriguing premise, which the video makes plain. A handsome model type tells her she’s not like most girls. Instead of swooning at the sight of his chiselled jaw, she looks disappointed ...
P4TTY2001 25/07/2017 06:47
okay so everyone thats mad about @HaileeSteinfeld's song #MostGirls, if you watch the music video you'll understand why it's "Most" Girls.
Your genitals don’t make you a boy or a girl. You can say that most girls have vulvas and most boys have penises/testicles. You may want to emphasize that it doesn’t matter too much what parts someone has—that doesn’t tell you much about them.
106.1 BLI 25/07/2017 05:07
Staying strong like #MostGirls! #HaileeSteinfeld is live right now with new music first. @DJTYLERB
On the first day of 6th grade, Cheyenne Huller never expected she’d meet her soul mate. Like most girls her age, she’d met up with her friends at lunch and the three girls dove into excited conversation about cute boys and middle school happenings.
#1HaileeSteinfeldFan 25/07/2017 01:57
I know everything is about #MostGirls right now but Hailee's Rock Bottom Video is at 84m Views!! Lets get it to 100m!!!! @HaileeSteinfeld
I always look forward to weekends where I can have my time. Just like most girls, I de-stress by pampering myself with different beauty services. Salons and beauty centers are my favorite places to visit as I try to regain energy and motivation to face ...
Universal Music CA 24/07/2017 10:00
You KNOW you want to enter for the chance to WIN a signed #MostGirls t-shirt from @HaileeSteinfeld!! https://   #umusicHookup
After Leigh-Anne Pinnock let fans see her really messy bedroom, we couldn’t help but gawp when Jess Wright gave fans a sneaky peek at her closet. The 31-year-old former TOWIE star, who recently went stateside following in the footsteps of her brother ...
Hailee Steinfeld Fan 24/07/2017 05:15
Listen the playlist of Hailee music Such a good day☉ #Starving #MostGirls #LoveMyself #HellnosandHeadphones love u @HaileeSteinfeld
Bkstg 24/07/2017 01:30
Congrats @HaileeSteinfeld #MostGirls has gone platinum! Let's listen to it together ‣ https://
Hailees Chicago Team 23/07/2017 03:59
48 million views. I bet we can get the video to 50 million views in the next few days #MostGirls @HaileeSteinfeld https://www. ZNEdc&feature=share   …
Universal Music CA 22/07/2017 07:00
Want a #MostGirls shirt, signed by the singer, @HaileeSteinfeld, herself? Enter our contest now #UmusicHookup https://
Bkstg 22/07/2017 03:01
Do you love to cover your fave artist's songs? Check out @HaileeSChicago's acoustic version of #MOSTGIRLS https://
topsy 21/07/2017 07:28
Start your summer mornings with #mostgirls by @HaileeSteinfeld
Hailee China 21/07/2017 04:34
#MostGirls 47 million views! @HaileeSteinfeld
Hailees Chicago Team 20/07/2017 09:42
Over 85 million streams for #MostGirls on Spotify. How about we get it to 100 million tonight? #StreamMostGirls https:// requests/playlist/42v03l2V0tsptTlIzG6HPu   …
Alex Gervasi 20/07/2017 09:25
I need more songs like @HaileeSteinfeld's #MostGirls. I LOVE that song and I'm so glad it so high on the iTunes charts!
Hit Goulburn Valley 20/07/2017 05:00
#GemsBangerOfTheWeek is @HaileeSteinfeld's #MostGirls - empowering girls all over the WORLD https://www. mmas-bangers-of-the-week   …
zailEE 20/07/2017 01:31
#MostGirls top 10 in charts
Hailee Steinfeld Fan 19/07/2017 09:44
#MostGirls @charliewalk IG story @HaileeSteinfeld
Nat | HS1 19/07/2017 05:33
#Mostgirls has been on repeat since I woke up. I need to hear this song at least once a day. It's such a jam. @HaileeSteinfeld THANK YOU.
MCA MUSIC INC. 19/07/2017 11:00
Here are the winners of #HaileeSteinfeld signed posters. #MostGirls definitely want to be you right now!
Melissa 18/07/2017 08:31
#MostGirls are smart & strong & beautiful @HaileeSteinfeld
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