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True Wealth VC 13/12/2017 07:46
@UTAustin ranks in the top 10 in several speciality subject areas for #scientificresearch on the #NatureIndex. https:// ranks-no-10-for-scientific-research   …
The MGH topped the 2015 Nature Index list of health care organizations publishing in leading scientific journals and earned the prestigious 2015 Foster G. McGaw Prize for Excellence in Community Service. In August 2017 the MGH was once again named to the ...
Nature Asia-Pacific 13/12/2017 08:54
The top academic and corporate partners in the Nature Index #NatureIndex #researchcollaboration https://www. top-academic-and-corporate-partners-in-the-nature-index   …
Last month, Nature Index, a database of author affiliations and institutional relationships, ranked UC San Diego 6th among leading research institutions in the world for “high-quality science,” based on its research publications in highly selective ...
Nature Asia-Pacific 13/12/2017 08:53
The withdrawal of large US corporations from research is narrowing the scope of innovation. #NatureIndex #researchfunding #research https://www. s-whats-wrong-with-companies-backing-out-of-science   …
In terms of quality, China ranks highly in terms of the number of significant publications and citations. The Nature Index, which provides a near-real-time proxy for high-quality research output, puts China second, after the US. In the industrial sphere ...
Kamal Batra  🇮🇳 13/12/2017 12:55
China's citations catching up, yet the US remains supreme. @nature #natureindex #webofscience #citations #global #ranking
Nature Index 2014 China Wed, 17 Dec 2014 15:11:39 GMT
The Nature Index 2014 China supplement examines a snapshot of results from the Nature Index, comparing the cities and institutions within the country that contributed to some of the highest quality research during the previous calendar year. The supplement ...
New England Biolabs 12/12/2017 04:16
We are so proud of our in-house research group, for ranking 40th in the #NatureIndex! @nresearchnews Photo credit: @nature
Since its establishment 10 years ago, IISER Pune has become a pivotal element in the recent ranking of the IISER group as the 4th- ranked institution in the Nature index of the top 50 research institutes in the Asian region. IISER Pune is committed to ...
IBM Research 11/12/2017 05:06
Companies publishing high-quality science research are looking to academia for assistance https://www. 6-017-07423-1   … (via @nature) #NatureIndex #ibmresearch
Marcel Knöchelmann 11/12/2017 03:35
Number of partnerships between businesses and academic or government institutions has more than doubled over the past five years, from 12,672 connections in 2012 to 25,962 in 2016, according to #natureindex, by @nresearchnews > https://   #science #academia
Exciting Role 08/12/2017 10:42
RT GenentechJobs "RT genentech: We're proud to be ranked on #NatureIndex's list of "Top 100 Corporate Institutions" for high-quality science https://www. ture-index-2017-science-inc/tables/corporate-institutions   … "
Kristen Beck 08/12/2017 08:56
So proud to be part of this organization @IBMResearch #NatureIndex https:// atus/938831017259032576   …
George Tulevski 08/12/2017 02:34
Great work @IBMResearch. Proud to be part of an organization committed to advancing science. #NatureIndex https:// atus/938831017259032576   …
Nature Outlook 07/12/2017 09:12
Outsourcing discovery--a new #NatureIndex supplement, Science Inc., shows how corporations are withdrawing from the hard slog and financially risky work of science in pursuit of more tangible gains. https://www. ture-index-2017-science-inc/index   …
IBM Research 07/12/2017 06:02
#IBM named 1st overall in the @nresearchnews "Nature Index 2017 Science Inc." for high-quality science https://www. ture-index-2017-science-inc/tables/corporate-institutions   … #NatureIndex #innovation
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