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Kleyton Cooper 18/10/2017 12:16
.At BEST (in ALL "briefings"), Moron-#PeeOTUSis THE Master Midway-Carny Barker! Barnum & Bailey wld've been PROUD! @lorax58 @Lawrence
"Goldenshowers", "Trumpleaks" and "PEEOTUS" have been among the top trending topics on Twitter since the emergence of an unverified set of memos on Tuesday night (10 January) on alleged links between US President-elect Donald Trump and Russia. Among the ...
Kleyton Cooper 18/10/2017 12:08
.If Moron-#PeeOTUSis bored, maybe he'll invade Cuba & "free" Gitmo! That'll keep #SarahHucksterbeeSlander busier than dog catcher! @lorax58
Soon it was noticed that Trump’s title of PEOTUS (President Elect of the United States) was quickly changed to PEEOTUS. Below are some of the social media reactions to Trump's "golden shower" allegations:
Abi Normal 17/10/2017 11:53
Putin would be proud of you buffoonery. It seems like he got what he paid for with you. #DotardTrump #PeeOTUS #25thAmendmentNow
Shady and shapeless as the document is, the intelligence community reportedly takes it seriously and the PEEOTUS is already mad on Twitter at its release.
TheDudeSeesAll 17/10/2017 11:51
YOU are the source of misinformation, lies, and #FakeNews you #FakePresident #LiarInChief #PutinsPuppet #PEEOTUS #Traitor
Twitter is drowning in a #goldenshower Tue, 10 Jan 2017 21:42:22 GMT
Mr Trump’s title of PEOTUS (President Elect of the United States) was quickly converted to PEEOTUS and the hashtag #trumpLEAKS was right up there with #goldenshower
Kleyton Cooper 17/10/2017 05:52
.Just can't listen 2 the BS, self-praising & lies spewing forth frm hot-air geyser, Moron-#PeeOTUS! @lorax58
What’s the connection between golden showers and Trump’s short, angry outburst? Today, Buzzfeed published the full text of an unverified intelligence report that has been making the rounds in Washington DC. The report presents evidence, anecdotal and ...
Kleyton Cooper 17/10/2017 12:54
.Was Moron-#PeeOTUSselected by EC just so he cld hire gaggle of criminal defense attys? Where's the 3. branch of GVMT? @lorax58 @MSNBC
Abi Normal 17/10/2017 05:42
We don't want or need Trump here in Santa Rosa. He's a bastard traitor that would only be in the way. We'd rather see the #PeeOTUS in jail.
USAF VET #RESIST 15/10/2017 10:44
@RandPaul @LindseyGrahamSC Two more snakes golfing with #PEEOTUS on the taxpayers dime.
Kleyton Cooper 15/10/2017 04:11
.2 @fema & Moron-#PeeOTUS, Halloween TREATS were TOPS b/c they were FREE!ADMIN doesn't want 2 spend $$ on "brown islanders"[email protected]
Kleyton Cooper 14/10/2017 07:20
.After yrs of denial, USA finally admits 2 having WMD -- in form of Moron-#PeeOTUSdoing his GREATEST 2 destroy us frm w/in! @lorax58 @MSNBC
Dr. Jerri Mc 14/10/2017 02:34
Trump hired prostitutes in Russia to perform, you know, ijs, #Dotardtrump refusal to register "guests" @ #whitehouse #PEEOTUS #trumpdossier
Kleyton Cooper 14/10/2017 02:06
.While The Bigly Boys Club -- Moron-#PeeOTUS/O'Reilly/Weinstein -- BRAGS, only Wiener Weiner whines behind bars! @lorax58 @MSNBC
Kleyton Cooper 14/10/2017 01:55
.Interesting that Moron-#PeeOTUS"managed" 2 bankrupt his BIGLY businesses, but NONE of his LAUNDRIES! @lorax58 @MSNBC
Kleyton Cooper 14/10/2017 01:26
Did @Paula_White have guts 2 say that on same stage where Moron-#PeeOTUSspewed we DO NOT WORSHIP GVMT? The XXX made her say it??? @lorax58
Kleyton Cooper 14/10/2017 03:51
.Moron-#PeeOTUSjust can't seem 2 get out of his own way! @lorax58
Kleyton Cooper 12/10/2017 09:23
.Hope Trump Tower topples frm tornado & Ins tells Moron-#PeeOTUSit's HIS fault 4 NOT tweeting a tweet-prediction -- NOT "covered"! @lorax58 https:// tus/918585819950141441   …
Kleyton Cooper 12/10/2017 09:00
.Moron-#PeeOTUS spends 2 much on Sharpies! He can pre-print his scribbley signature! @lorax58
SteveBannonsNose 10/10/2017 03:52
Russia cultivates the weakest people with low IQs & Inflated egos to blackmail. #PEEOTUS
Kleyton Cooper 08/10/2017 12:31
.Moron-#PeeOTUS has [email protected] of [email protected] 2 console him! He doesn't hear us screaming 4 "= time"! Y wld we!!! @lorax58 https:// /916654608398811137   …
Kleyton Cooper 07/10/2017 10:52
.Moron-#PeeOTUSis actually an alienabduction gone awry! How else can U explain his golf& tweetobsessions? A slipped "disc"? @lorax58
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