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Massimo Messina 25/06/2017 04:16
#POLL Do you support President #Trump today? YES = RT NO = click like

Despite the legacy media’s antagonistic coverage of President Donald Trump, a strong plurality of Americans still believe that Trump’s presidency “will bring the right kind of change.” According to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, 41% ...
Gary Nabhan 25/06/2017 03:44
#SundayMorning #CNNSOTU #Poll Will most Republicans want President Trump to campaign for them in 2018?
Poll: Trump approval rating rebounds Fri, 23 Jun 2017 12:37:00 GMT
President Trump’s approval rating has bounced off a previously low point, according to a new poll. According to data from the latest Harvard-Harris Poll survey, provided exclusively to The Hill, 48 percent of respondents say they approve of the job Trump ...
PARIS Some 73 percent of people in France support Paris's bid to host the 2024 Olympics, a poll showed on Sunday. Some 30 percent of those polled said they fully backed the idea while 43 percent said they were favorable toward it, while 26 percent opposed ...
Jeremy Corbyn has overtaken Theresa May for the first time in a YouGov poll asking who would make the best prime minister. The survey found that 35 per cent of respondents thought the Labour leader would make the country's best leader. .
Combination of file photos of U.S. President Donald Trump and FBI Director James Comey Thomson Reuters President Donald Trump has a massive credibility problem, a new poll shows: Far more Americans are likely to believe Former FBI Director James Comey's ...
#Poll »» Are you #TheResistance? Join the Twitterstorm & help to #KillTheBill2!! #WealthCare #FBR #ResistGOPcare #trumppoll
  ♀️ The Anti-Trump 24/06/2017 05:48
#TheResistance #Poll How strongly do you associate the GOP under Trump's presidency with a platform of white supremacy/nationalism
Rabih Chaaban 24/06/2017 08:21
The public want Jeremy Corbyn to be leading the country -A YouGov/Times #poll metro.co.uk/2017/06/23/uk- now-wants-jeremy-corbyn-to-be-prime-minister-over-theresa-may-poll-shows-6729196/   …
The public want Jeremy Corbyn to be leading the country -A YouGov/Times #poll   http:// metro.co.uk/2017/06/23/uk- now-wants-jeremy-corbyn-to-be-prime-minister-over-theresa-may-poll-shows-6729196/   … <br>http://pic.twitter.com/rP7ZZLXOtN
The Trump Train 23/06/2017 05:29
#poll: 64% voters say Russia investigations hurting country 56% say time for Congress & media to shift to other issues
WeThePeople 22/06/2017 07:49
For those who voted, what motivated you to vote in the UK General Election 2017? #GE2017 #poll Please Retweet once Voted/ Comments Welcome
WeThePeople 22/06/2017 07:36
How soon do you think will the next UK General Election be called? #poll Please Retweet once Voted/ Comments Welcome
  ♀️ The Anti-Trump 20/06/2017 05:34
#TheResistance #Poll Out of the following options, which do you think is the greatest threat to America:
WeThePeople 19/06/2017 09:40
Should @UKLabour get Tories to re-introduce Homes Bill (Homes fit for Human Habitation) in the aftermath of #GrenfellTower disaster? #poll
RJ   💖 16/06/2017 01:02
Q: When you look at a lady and think 'Wow, that's class', what is it that catches your attention? Tweet your responses too. #poll #escorts
Brad Smith 16/06/2017 12:41
So, for my first topic, I'll go with upcoming games that I'm interested in. Which game should talk about first? #poll
RJNUPOOR   👑 16/06/2017 12:40
So guys, what you going to do on Sunday 18.06.17? #CT17 #IndVsPak #FathersDay #funfunfun #poll #Vote #rjnupoor @radiocityindia #Udaipur
  🎙 rUv 16/06/2017 12:39
A Binary #Poll
Kristin Hostetter 16/06/2017 12:38
Vote now: Will you march for public lands at Summer Outdoor Retailer? Yes! or No, I can't make it. https://www. pollcaster.com/c/poll/dFk0bqk i2Z8nBgKPiPfPa4vBhIZ   … #poll via @Qzzr_
Holly Biglari 16/06/2017 12:37
Is it bad luck to have a fortune cookie before your meal? #poll
Loading . . . 16/06/2017 12:35
Season Off! #Poll
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