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Yesterday I was interviewed on @scifri about #SkypeAScientist with @emoleeanne  Check it out! insta topsy.oneYesterday I was on NPRGetting ready to talk to a class of fifth graders about polymers! #skypeascientist insta topsy.oneYesterday I was on NPRYesterday I was interviewed on @scifri about #SkypeAScientist with @emoleeanne  Check it out! insta topsy.oneGetting ready to talk to a class of fifth graders about polymers! #skypeascientist insta topsy.oneLOVED doing #SkypeAScientist with Ms. Hughes 5th graders in Bronx, NY! Helps to remind me yet again that these kids are our future. If you are a scientist and interested in participating, contact Sarah McAnulty, #scicomm #scienceserves #scienceisessential #meetascientist #ActualLivingScientist insta

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Sue Kowalski 25/07/2017 03:35
@aturbeville21 @magilla1003 @beckyloy1 @sverbeck13 let's coordinate! #skypeascientist https:// /884428333487935488   …
Here, scientists are studying meltwater in the Arctic. A new program aims to help students understand what science looks like outside of Hollywood. It’s 2017. What does a scientist look like? If the first image that popped into your head was an older man ...
Ramesh Laungani 25/07/2017 12:24
Also taking part in projects like #1000STEMWomem n-Project   … & #skypeascientist will up the #scicomm game

Don’t Phone A Friend. Skype A Scientist! Thu, 06 Jul 2017 21:08:39 GMT
Scientists do incredibly cool things on the job: They simulate Mars missions on Hawaiian volcanoes, track polar bears from helicopters, and investigate the unusual fluid properties of substances like ketchup or queso. But the way scientists often appear in ...
Scientists want to inspire young ppl? Try @PlantingScience online sm group mentoring, @LettersPreSci be a penpal, #skypeascientist Skype Q&A
The Skype a Scientist program is looking to increase their scientist database for K-12 classrooms to connect with in the upcoming academic year. From their website ( Skype a Scientist matches scientists with classrooms ...
Grace Logan 24/07/2017 11:34
Any other scientists looking for another sci-comm activity?! #actuallivingscientist #skypeascientist https:// s/889409896944459776   …
Science Friday Thu, 06 Jul 2017 17:00:00 GMT
A new Food Failures segment teaches us how to make delicious dishes without turning up the heat. Plus, President Trump has yet to name a presidential science advisor or directors for NASA and NOAA, and other key science positions.
Clint Baldwin 23/07/2017 07:27
Love this! #education #teacherleadership #teachergoals #teacher #science #sciencematters #skypeascientist #teacherlife #sciencejobs https:// 863625087156225   …
SHE BELIEVED SHE COULD… Tue, 20 Jun 2017 12:58:00 GMT
Excellent outreach programs like Skype a Scientist ( can bring scientists into the classroom to show everyone that scientists are real, fun, exciting people, not just boring workers in lab coats.
Twila Moon 21/07/2017 06:02
Signed up for #SkypeAScientist! Sign up if you're a scientist, connect your classroom if you're a teacher!   #scicomm
Dr. Rob Nowicki 21/07/2017 04:09
Want to chat with students in Kansas about sharks, or students in Florida about Glaciers? Sign up for #skypeascientist! https:// us/888426026153394178   …
Sarah McAnulty 21/07/2017 02:02
We're 13 scientists away from 1500 4 #SkypeAScientist! Want 2 talk 2 a class for a Q&A this fall? Sign up here: http://www.  
Nichol Powell 21/07/2017 01:38
#SkypeAScientist would be an amazing way to #engageCobb students in #PBL & #STEM @BryantBengals #TeamBryant #PauldingMSP https:// k/status/887696211343486976   …
Caitríona Hand 20/07/2017 01:58
My brain: Sky Pea Scientist? Sky Pea Scientist? Ohhh, Skype A Scientist! Doh! #skypeascientist
Dr. Anita Sengupta 20/07/2017 06:55
I Just registered my science services #skypeascientist @Skype http://www. /  
BEHSAnatPhys 20/07/2017 02:27
@BEHSAPEnviro Check this out!! It's free. Totally signing my classes up. #behsscience #skypeascientist https:// k/status/887696211343486976   …
Ani Vermeulen 19/07/2017 08:46
I've signed up for the #SkypeAScientist program! Why haven't you? Check it out, sign up, make a difference: http://www. /  
Sarah McAnulty 19/07/2017 03:30
The free program #SkypeAScientist matches scientists w/classrooms for Q&A sessions. 1400+ scientists ready to chat! http://www.  
Kerstin Göpfrich 19/07/2017 03:01
From the lab straight into the classroom via skype: We are trying it out and I'll let you know how it goes! #SkypeAScientist
Karen Johnson 19/07/2017 01:33
I can't wait to see what kind of scientist I get to introduce my students to! #skypeascientist https:// k/status/884778357598150656   …
Erin Gerecke 19/07/2017 12:53
The #SkypeAScientist program is lining up teachers for classroom chats with scientists. #scicomm #STEMed   https:// k/status/884778357598150656   …
Rich DiMauro 11/07/2017 05:54
I finished off the year doing #SkypeAScientist and the students were all in! Highly recommend it. http://www. /  
Sarah McAnulty 11/07/2017 02:16
#SkypeAScientist has had scientists volunteer 2 chat with 4310 classrooms for fall. Tell all the teachers you know! http://www.  
Kelly Lee 11/07/2017 02:09
To all my science colleagues: bring a scientist to your classroom over Skype! #skypeascientist http://www.  
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