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Safeguard your online life Sat, 11 Nov 2017 20:55:00 GMT
“For example, there are also lots of politics and political discussions among South African Twitter users.” Fake news is therefore one of the issues Twitter users need to watch out for. “Follow reputable news outlets and seasoned journalists if you ...
Nazli 14/08/2017 12:00
#CasterSemenya #southafricantwitter is Vicious AF dealing with katiepoesface! #CountryDuty

McCarthy received well-wishes from across the planet‚ including the Spanish LaLiga‚ where he was a player for Celta Vigo‚ FIFA‚ his former national teammate Pierre Issa and South African Twitter‚ which was teeming with well-wishers. It is a sign ...
Sarah ♤ 13/08/2017 10:33
#CountryDuty #SouthAfricanTwitter rallies behind @Semenya after vile @KatieHopkins Tweet https://www. twitter-rallies-behind-semenya-after-vile-katie-hopkins-tweet/#.WZAqzV_-oCQ.twitter   …
Troy Hunt (@troyhunt) October 17, 2017 I followed up by sharing the script that creates the database table in the hope that someone would recognise the field names: Multiple South African Twitter followers then chimed in with thoughts on the origin.
Agneatha Davids 04/08/2017 05:20
My friendo get on Twitter and check out #TweekLikeBonang. #SouthAfricanTwitter strikes again and it's half past SAVAGE #ThunderFireYou https:// tatus/893179767025016832   …
But this time? “He had to know his place,” a defiant Legobane, 24, told BuzzFeed about a fellow South African Twitter user who ridiculed her with this tweet on Tuesday. She is the woman on the right. Legobane, who is also a photographer, found out ...
MyCrushTheRealist 14/07/2017 09:50
Lmfao lol #SouthAfricanTwitter is the best lol this country is gonna burn thou https:// s/885188899722711044   …
Top South African Twitter stars Mon, 09 Nov 2015 06:10:25 GMT
Listening to the crowd receptions that AB de Villiers has commanded throughout the Proteas’ tour of India, it’s safe to say that he has secured ‘megastar’ status. And Twitter confirms just that. De Villiers now has more Twitter followers than any ...
Maqhawe 12/07/2017 04:16
#KenyanTwitter once roasted #SouthAfricanTwitter for 2 days , from that day ngafunda inhlonipho.. some still need to learn
#KenyanTwitter once roasted #SouthAfricanTwitter for 2 days , from that day ngafunda inhlonipho.. some still need to learn <br>
betam konjo 01/06/2017 06:47
jeh jeh jeh to all the Black twitter subgroups...#Kenyantwitter, #SouthAfricantwitter...
Nadine 08/05/2017 09:35
South African tweeters, where do you get your local memes and gifs from? #southafricantwitter #southafrica #satwitter
OCTOPUS PRIME .  👒 01/05/2017 08:46
Abeg who understands #SouthAfricanTwitter .
Maqhawe 27/04/2017 10:06
Lol Sihle Zilalala speech is like a #SouthAfricanTwitter tweet , jumping seamlessly from Zulu to English .
CowBoy 18/04/2017 06:54
Ges I need a wife from this #rwandesetwitter #tanzaniatwitter #southafricantwitter any girl interested
Arthur Musinguzi 18/04/2017 08:59
#SouthAfricanTwitter in terms of females = LIT
The F Word 17/04/2017 03:09
Fine gyal, no pimples. #AfricanTwitter #SouthAfricanTwitter #MalawianTwitter
Fine gyal, no pimples.  #AfricanTwitter   #SouthAfricanTwitter   #MalawianTwitter <br>
Eben van Ellewee 22/03/2017 11:23
#southafricantwitter would immediately see Hitler and demand a resignation
#southafricantwitter would immediately see Hitler and demand a resignation  <br>
Belle Weather 09/02/2017 08:07
Me looking at #southafricantwitter today You were better under Apartheid? Are you serious?
November 6, 2018 30/01/2017 10:30
#SouthAfricanTwitter never sleeps.
#SouthAfricanTwitter got me mad I cant get #Mzansi. Im watchin old episodes on YouTube like this my new fav show #DateMyFamily #blacktwitter
A Young King 08/01/2017 10:50
that's not #blacktwitter ,that's #southafricantwitter . *Membership Cancelled*
BoringCapeTownChick 01/12/2016 08:29
I can never understand who is making this language trend on #SouthAfricanTwitter?! @Twitter
I can never understand who is making this language trend on #SouthAfricanTwitter?! @Twitter<br>
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