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Schools News 13/09/2017 06:19
#St.Jp2CatholicRadio Typical Gospel Reflection for September 15, 2017 - St . John Chrysostom. Read Blog:  
St. John Chrysostom is getting at this when he says, “He that is angry without cause shall be in danger, but he that is angry with cause shall not,” and even that “he who is not angry when he has cause to be, sins.” Again, he’s talking about our ...
Lulu 13/09/2017 02:05
Why not learn to enjoy the little things-there are so many of them. #st. john chrysostom St. Johns Slava is Nov 13th.

Early Christian commentators remind us that the Church’s liturgy is embraced by an invisible assembly of angels. St. John Chrysostom wrote, “The whole sanctuary and the space before the altar is filled with heavenly powers come to honor Him who is ...
Robert M. Adams 13/09/2016 01:02
#CQOD--#St. John Chrysostom: the nature of resurrection -- See -16.htm   …
In Defense of Orthodoxy Wed, 15 Nov 2017 00:00:00 GMT
Today, the hymn is chanted at the end of the Second Antiphon in the first part of the Divine Liturgies of St. John Chrysostom, St Basil the Great, and the Soorp Badarak (“Holy Sacrifice”) or Liturgy of St. Gregory the Illuminator in the Armenian ...
Abraham ben Jacob 21/12/2015 03:07
@MatthewHeimbach #St John Chrysostom who you quote + admire is not White Born: 347 AD Antioch,Turkey
@MatthewHeimbach    #St John Chrysostom who you quote + admire is not White  Born: 347 AD Antioch,Turkey <br>
Escaping Politicized Evangelicalism Sat, 18 Nov 2017 14:06:00 GMT
Do it today, at vespers, or tomorrow, for the Divine Liturgy. There is nothing else in this world like the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. I have been worshiping within it for 11 years now, and it has changed everything. It is in my bones ... 15/07/2015 02:33
21 Pdf About This Sundays Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, #sundays #divine #liturgy #st #john #chrysostom http://www. is_Sundays_Divine_Liturgy_of_St_John_Chrysostom.html   …
The problem with devoting oneself to essentially idolatrous events like the Saturnalia (and its modern equivalents) is that they promise a lasting joy they cannot possibly deliver. Yesterday, on the festival of Satan [sic], you celebrated a spiritual feast ...
Shane Kardos 10/02/2015 11:15
Back cover of the Lost Dogs album "Nazarene Crying Towel" #St.JohnChrysostom  
Jim Havens 11/01/2014 12:32
"For he hereby assures them, that so far from being pained, he was right glad that the Bride recognized her Spouse." #St John Chrysostom
Jim Havens 11/01/2014 12:27
"...the very argument by which they thought to have overthrown Christ...he (John) turns against them." #St John Chrysostom
Jim Havens 09/01/2014 09:26
"...sin exercises the worst of all tyrannies...From this prison of the soul Christ lets us free." #St John Chrysostom  
Jim Havens 08/01/2014 09:26
"As soon then as they knew Him by His voice, their fear left them." #St John Chrysostom  
Jim Havens 06/01/2014 09:46
"...He (Jesus) puts first things merciful, preaching the glad tidings of the kingdom of heaven." #St John Chrysostom  
Jim Havens 04/01/2014 12:22
"Andrew kept not our Lord’s words to himself; but ran in haste to his brother, to report the good tidings..." #St John Chrysostom
Jim Havens 26/12/2013 09:54
"...they were confident that in all things they had One present with them, and all-knowing." #St John Chrysostom  
Jim Havens 26/12/2013 09:48
"Their consolation under their hardships was the excellent power of Him who sent them..." #St John Chrysostom  
Jim Havens 24/12/2013 12:49
"By darkness he means not material darkness, but error or and distance from the faith, or ungodliness." #St John Chrysostom
Jim Havens 11/12/2013 09:30
"Come ye, not that I (Jesus) have need of your glory, but that I seek your salvation...I will set you in all quietness." #St John Chrysostom
Jim Havens 11/12/2013 09:26
"He brought His disciples to have a desire towards Him...and now He invites them to Him..."#St John Chrysostom  
Jim Havens 09/12/2013 10:55
"...God gives grace to the humble." #St John Chrysostom  
Jim Havens 25/11/2013 09:25
"For God regarded not the scantiness of the offering, but the overflowing of the affection." #St John Chrysostom  
Jim Havens 24/11/2013 09:51
"Christ brought the thief into Paradise before the whole world, before the Apostles." #St John Chrysostom  
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