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Baba confronts empty unga shelves at uchumi#uhurutoka insta topsy.one

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Wanyoike wa Nduati 29/06/2017 09:08
Many among the reasons we should vote out #Uhurutoka

Am now going kutukan matusi kubwa and mentioned by names those who abuse Hon. RT. PM. RAO. through fb kenya ploitical site on my list are 1.kamuri immanuel --- kumamamko , mkundu wazi ya babako. 2.Fraciah Njeri- wet pussy smelling like roten rat..kuma la ...
Naitaled KE  🎬 28/06/2017 09:08
Who talks about beer in the morning when nurses are on strike and no unga in the market? #UhuruToka #NASAManifesto #mamboYabadilika
Prime Minister the Right Honorable Raila Amollo Odinga has just landed at the Kisiii Sports Club and is set grace the official opening of the kisii entrepreneurship summit at the Kisii University grounds. While Uhuru’s Jubilee team is busy politicking in ...
Gavrilo Princip 28/06/2017 06:46
Is it a responsibility of the president to be announcing the factories that are being opened by private sector? So petty. #UhuruToka
KNUT Bomet Branch Thu, 14 Jan 2016 16:00:00 GMT
It is now confirmed from yesterday's propagandistic address to the Nation that our Head of State has no plans or intentions to respect and obey court order to pay teachers their salary increment as directed by industrial court. In his speech, he ...
Gavrilo Princip 28/06/2017 06:37
#wakambawamecheswo So Jubilee wanted to give Kalonzo which position? Nonsensical debate. #NasaForKenya #UhuruToka
Gavrilo Princip 28/06/2017 12:44
@UKenyatta and @WilliamsRuto still telling us "WE WILL",why can't they do it now? They are in office. #NasaInNarok #UhuruToka
Gavrilo Princip 28/06/2017 12:40
@IEBCKenya should not try to Lie to us that the Green Book is part of the register. The only register is in the KIEMS. #UhuruToka
Uhuru won't be the first president to campaign using state machinery & airtime but still fall #UhuruToka #UhuruPresser
Gavrilo Princip 26/06/2017 08:12
#JubileeManifestoLies  NO MORE LIES.  WAKENYA TUMEAMUA.  #UHURUTOKA <br>http://pic.twitter.com/LpQRu1vAFP
David Were 26/06/2017 06:55
Jubilee's exams is not yet marked,... Ruto should stop Useless PR. it's being marked on 8/8/2017. #uhurutoka
David Were 26/06/2017 05:29
Sigiri bridge is just what happens when science meets PR. #uhurutoka
Professor 24/06/2017 04:54
RT @S6leek: The face of the next government #UhuruToka
RT @S6leek: The face of the next government #UhuruToka <br>http://pic.twitter.com/COLYvamXtX
Machayo Chris Allan 24/06/2017 05:27
So @UKenyatta was attached in Kenyan govt as president from @UMassAmherst and will score D grade #UhuruToka #AdoptAStation4Nasa @babakisia
Gavrilo Princip 23/06/2017 07:16
Why is @UKenyatta still laying foundation stones for more colleges while many graduates are still unemployed? #UhuruToka
#uhurutoka @UKenyatta you like ur dialect too much The writing is on the wall #meru
#uhurutoka @UKenyatta you like ur dialect too much The writing is on the wall #meru<br>http://pic.twitter.com/dSYjY02vwK
Amakanji Thomas 22/06/2017 07:12
#MissingUnga #UhuruStopInsultingRaila if u want PEACE! I know u wnt us 2 cause chaos lyk 2007 but we shall humble u with Votes #UhuruToka
IVNS 21/06/2017 12:55
And they say the economy aint bad #UhuruToka #ElectoralComplaints #financebill2017
And  they  say the  economy aint bad #UhuruToka  #ElectoralComplaints  #financebill2017<br>http://pic.twitter.com/auixF9FJBj
Abdiaziz Abdi 21/06/2017 12:35
I turned this into politics and now "82% of Kenyans" are Tweeting about this. this show how kenyans are tired of jubilee gov #Uhurutoka
Uhuru Kenyatta 21/06/2017 10:17
Raila Odinga is the next President Wavinya Ndeti will be the first woman Govnr #YoteYawezekanaBilaUhuru, #UhuruToka
Kamba Pundit 20/06/2017 02:51
In a country of 45 M people we should have atleast 1 president from every family before a single family produces 2 presidents. #UhuruToka
S A U T E T™ 20/06/2017 01:34
We can't blatantly let shame thrive within our society!!! #UhuruToka #NasaInKajiadoTena
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