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kisha 26/09/2017 06:25
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You find people you desperately want to follow back to the camps in order to see what happens to them next, but even on the walk back to the camps, you lose sight of them. They just become a drop in the ocean of faces that are walking toward more uncertainty.
nemsisi 19/09/2017 03:13
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The joy and laughter that this week's Bank Holiday brought is fast becoming a distant memory - and the realisation that it was the last one before Christmas is sinking in rather quickly too. But don't fret. As autumn begins to creep up on us, we wouldn't ...
If you search through Instagram photos of the platform's younger demographic, you'll notice a lot of them have something in common: a love of hashtags. Their photos are riddled with them. #Selfie #Pretty #Sunset #Friday. The list goes on and on.
The Bugatti Chiron is all about big numbers. 1500 horsepower. 261 mph limited top speed. 16 cylinders. Four turbochargers. $2.7 million price tag. And now, it has an astonishing record for the run from 0 - 249 - 0 mph (0 - 400 - 0 kmh): 41.96 seconds. The ...
Everyone and their mother watches Game of Thrones, but only a fraction are big enough fans to appreciate a Game of Thrones-themed gift. If you happen to have one of those Westerosi experts in your life, here's a few gift ideas good enough to inspire a ...
nemsisi 29/08/2017 06:02
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kisha 29/08/2017 05:56
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9LACK 29/08/2017 05:48
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#WantToFollowBck 28/08/2017 06:52
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Winter EP   ❄ 27/08/2017 07:23
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JAMES KARANI 09/08/2017 07:02
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