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Bimbs 22/11/2017 05:20
Taray ng @BirdshotPH may writeup sa @GoldDerby. Go, get PH's first Best Foreign Language Film Oscar nomination! #Birdshot #Oscars http://www. scar-spotlight-the-philippines-foreign-language-submission-birdshot-mary-joy-apostol-news/   … via @goldderby
“In the Philippines, you have very low-budget films, so most films tend to be a certain style. Either you see cinema verité or very contemplative [filmmaking],” Birdshot director Mikhail Red told Deadline’s Dominic Patten after an Awardsline ...
Artefact Magazine 22/11/2017 05:10
"My eyes are open, so why can’t I see?"- The story of a rare condition that changes the life of its victims – how one person overcame the worst experience of her life.   #birdshot #chorioretinopathy
The Philippines’ selection to compete for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film is “Birdshot,” a thrilling coming of age story about Maya, a 14-year-old farm girl who embroils herself and her father in a contentious investigation with the local ...
Mario Cornejo 22/11/2017 07:19
Here’s the schedule for #ApocalypseChild #Respeto #SakalingHindiMakarating #Birdshot @cinema76fs starting today until Nov. 30
LAKE CITY — A Sunday drive turned scary for Denise and Russell Braatz when the passenger-side window of their car burst as they drove down the road. "We came down by that rock cut where (Wabasha) County Road 2 goes to right," said Russell Braatz.
M 22/11/2017 05:23
I saw all of these brilliant Filipino films #SakalingHindiMakarating #Birdshot #ApocalypseChild #RespetoMovie #Bonifacio . Spend time at @cinema76fs to enjoy these movies! #SupportLocalIndieFilms https:// tus/932993484402737152   …
Desert vandalism draws ire Wed, 22 Nov 2017 06:25:00 GMT
The birdshot shattered the Lexan panes that cover posters explaining to visitors about the area and the club's efforts to aid an unusual desert toad, as well as maps delineating trails and nearby private land. Three 12-gauge shotgun shells, their brass ...
IAmWanheda 21/11/2017 06:25
FORCED VL ON MONDAY!!! Will see you agaaain #SHM #Birdshot
One man hit with bird shot in shooting Sat, 11 Nov 2017 19:28:00 GMT
Deputies with EBRSO say the incident happened around 2:55 p.m. at 234 McCastle Ave. near Scenic Hwy. One male was hit with birdshot pellets from a shotgun and was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. Herbert Edwards ran 18 times for 159 yards ...
Mikhail Red 21/11/2017 04:33
#Birdshot returns to #Cinema76 https:// y_fbid=566008183743720&id=223986727945869   …
Patricia Salve 19/11/2017 04:24
Still curious about #Birdshot and #Atypical
Marco Miguel 19/11/2017 01:46
I guess that's why TBA announced that they will not be showing #Birdshot and #MengPatalo https:// tus/931877897026945025   …
Deadline Hollywood 17/11/2017 04:56
.@DeadlineDominic was LIVE with the director of #BIRDSHOT, the Philippines' 2018 Oscar entry, @MikhailRed
Solar Pictures 16/11/2017 09:16
Failed to see #Birdshot? It will be screening at #BlackMariaCinema this week. Check this link for details > https://www. 530054422/   … https:// tus/912594035130253312   …
Mikhail Red 14/11/2017 08:54
#Birdshot screening at the London Screening room West Hollywood
Janet R. Nepales 14/11/2017 08:45
With Filipino director #MikhailRed whose movie #Birdshot is the… https://www. -XZ-Z7OYNPMiBQiCDwmiAEvzrU0/   …
The World of Apu 14/11/2017 04:16
Heinrich, a film student & reviewer for @cinetactic, analyses the political ideology behind #Birdshot, The Philippines' official entry to #Oscars2018 #filmanalysis https://  
ruben nepales 14/11/2017 02:55
At the official #Oscar and #GoldenGlobe screening of director #MikhailRed’s #Birdshot in Los Angeles.
Jed Chua 12/11/2017 04:32
#CinemaOneOriginals #SiChedengatSiApple comes from the writers of #PataynasiHesus and #Birdshot. This has a lot of potential. Catch the film's trailer below: http://www. cinema-one-originals-si-chedeng.html   …
Baylan Megino 10/11/2017 11:46
Just saw #Birdshot - Serious Oscar contender. Riveted the whole time, @Ku Aquino. Thanks @CinematoGrafo!...  
Boris 10/11/2017 08:23
I’ve been dying to see the Oscar nominated Filipino film #Birdshot but I got work and the movie is viewable for 1 day only!!! WTF guys! @MikhailRed
Jason Inocencio 09/11/2017 12:58
If I can help get the word out on how great #Birdshot is, then I'm doing something right.… https://www.  
Mikhail Red 09/11/2017 02:31
I will be in LA Nov 11-17 for #Birdshot t-oscars-campaign-begins   …
BirdshotCharity 06/11/2017 06:57
Hoping campaign has desired effect -raising awareness of desperate need for funds for eye research #Birdshot research. We are behind you!
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