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@buffer sent our social media manager a hand-written letter this morning, along with a batch of stickers just for fun. We love their values sticker most... Looks like weGot questions about Instagram marketing?! 🙆 Rachel from @madefreshly is #bufferchatBig shout out to @buffer for the sticker swag! If you run a brand on Twitter or Facebook..Buffer is a great tool to schedule your posts! I use it everyday! #socialmedia #bufferchat #twitter #facebook insta topsy.oneEvery day IIs it possible to love @buffer then we got this amazing goodie bag of note pad and stickers. Way to make us feel Specia for joining #Bufferchat. #FANS for Life. #AXSChat insta topsy.oneS/O to @buffer for sending me these sweet stickers! #BufferChat #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing insta topsy.oneGetting geared up for #bufferchat over on Twitter at 9am PT. My company @markonbrands is hosting so follow along or join in! My morning is fueled by @spotify, @starbucks and @libertybottles! #agencylife #branding #communications #2016goals insta topsy.oneThis is how we #bufferchat @thekneil @ad_astra11 #agencylife #designlife insta topsy.one@Buffer Thank you for this amazing letter and the swag that came with it. The Arielle on your team is super awesome and deserves a raise for sending me a handwritten letter in the mail (seriously, who does that anymore?!) I have always loved Buffer for your transparency, amazing content and kick butt app, but this is something that took my love for this tool that I use every day a new level of fandom. Seriously. You rock. Keep up the good vibes #bufferchat #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #socialmediatip insta topsy.oneMaking the best out of your time in the days? Are you taking enough breaks to recollect and meditate? #bufferchat #healthytime #timemanagement #SeeYouWednesday insta topsy.oneDay 6: My day was completed by this gem of awesomeness. @buffer and #bufferchat have breathed a new sense of purpose into my Social Media life and today... they followed me back on twitter. Feeling pretty great! #100DaysofHappiness insta topsy.oneTime to learn something new and get insights from others on T-Shaped Marketer #SeeYouLater at #bufferchat insta topsy.oneThe stars aligned (aka 👶🏼 slept) and I got to participate in this weeks @buffer chat! I do love twitter but it#BufferChat #Clear #Effective Communication #seeyoutomorrow ! 👍🙌 insta topsy.oneToday#SaveTheDate #bufferchat #SocialMediaAnalytics insta topsy.oneHave you been using your LinkedIn? Get some useful tips tomorrow! #bufferchat #LinkedIn #brandingonlinkedin insta topsy.oneAnother truth bomb for you! This weekI love twitter chats. They#SaveTheDate #bufferchat #buffer insta topsy.one#Repost #SaveTheDate #BufferChat insta topsy.oneCLICK INTO MY INSTAGRAM STORIES TO SEE BEHIND THE SCENES 
Had a blast doing a twitter chat #bufferchat with my buddies over at @buffer - if your not following their #InstagramStories you

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Kaitlyn Uy 19/04/2017 04:26
A3: Simple words to live by, an #organized workspace fosters an organized mind #bufferchat

Now with 5+ places to share “Stories” across social media, how can we differentiate between each platform? This week on #bufferchat, we discussed the current state of Stories, our predictions for how Stories could impact the rest of social media ...
Nema Associates Inc. 19/04/2017 04:11
A1: Coffee. Morning Meetings. Coffee. Memes. Social Media Posts. Coffee. Proceed with Daily Tasks. #BufferChat
On September 10th, with all of the Buffer team members gathered in New York for our working retreat, the team of Happiness Heroes joined forces to lead a #bufferchat discussion on customer service (and cute animal gifs). A2: Hmm, I think I see it as my ...
Flavia Logsdon 19/04/2017 04:43
In the great words of Ron Swanson "Don't half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing" #bufferchat
That’s just one of the reasons Buffer hired Miller (her official title is “Community Champion”), and it’s a big reason why Widrich encouraged her to create what the company now calls #bufferchat, a weekly Twitter chat series that focuses on people ...
Cheyenne Davis 19/04/2017 04:35
A4. I usually follow my 'energy'. When I start to lose momentum, it's time for a break #bufferchat
Here are five reasons why your company should participate in Twitter chats (plus one reason not to ... Here are some stats from May 6 when we did the #bufferchat. We had a 1.4 million mention reach, 400k retweet reach, 276 mentions, and 84 tweets ...
Gabriela Cardoza 19/04/2017 04:23
A3. REMEMBER to be intentional. REMEMBER to be mindful. #bufferchat
A3.   REMEMBER to be intentional.   REMEMBER  to be mindful.   #bufferchat <br>http://pic.twitter.com/cnEiVWBjit
They recap every session with an interesting blog post. Check it out here. Immediately after that chat is over, the Buffer Chat starts (9 am PST; #Bufferchat). Topics here usually evolve around social media and digital marketing, and from time to time is ...
Piotr Wojnowski 26/04/2017 07:00
Be brave... There is so much to see, so many people to meet. Don't waste Your time. #bufferchat
Jameel Desai 26/04/2017 06:59
A7: I think so. People like flexibility. An opportunity to work from where they can be more productive. The tools are there. #bufferchat
Caitlin Toohey 26/04/2017 06:54
A7: people travel all the time for work and in this digital age, working from anywhere is becoming more possible. #bufferchat
Buffer 26/04/2017 06:53
Q7: Do you think digital nomadism is the future of work? Why or why not? #bufferchat
Q7: Do you think digital nomadism is the future of work? Why or why not? #bufferchat <br>http://pic.twitter.com/bN2JnQeLbX
Stanford Media 26/04/2017 06:41
A5 I book something fun to do in advance so I know I have things to look forward to at the end of a busy week. Keeps me focused #bufferchat
GCMEDIA 26/04/2017 06:40
A5: Always travel lightly less baggage, stay hydrated & take breaks to revive your energy levels & most important have fun #bufferchat
Blue Ninja 26/04/2017 06:39
A5 travel burnout is rough. Routine is critical for me. I travel with familiar things which help to keep me grounded #bufferchat
Piotr Wojnowski 26/04/2017 06:38
A4b: I'm traveling to the places where something is going to happen... E.g. Mountain festival or something like that... #bufferchat
Caitlin Toohey 26/04/2017 06:36
best way is to ask about their drink/food or maybe if they're reading a book? Pick a detail, ask or compliment #bufferchat
Blue Ninja 26/04/2017 06:32
A4 I look at social sites like @Meetup and interact with the neighbours. I'm open to invitations for coffee, dinner etc #bufferchat
Caitlin Toohey 26/04/2017 06:31
A4: talk to people! You never know how cool the person sitting across from you in a cafe could be! #bufferchat
James Punt Author 26/04/2017 06:28
Three New action thrillers #bookplugs #bookboost #ASMSG #RRBC RRBC #BYNR #IARTG #klout #MustRead #amreading #bufferchat #authors #novels
Three New action thrillers #bookplugs #bookboost #ASMSG #RRBC RRBC #BYNR #IARTG #klout #MustRead #amreading #bufferchat #authors #novels<br>http://pic.twitter.com/i7caWEhPCt
Piotr Wojnowski 26/04/2017 06:28
A3: A - Finding an inspirating part of the city. B - searching for a place, where I can sit, work and absorb history of it... #bufferchat
Trudy 26/04/2017 06:24
A3 Check for co-working spaces like @WeWork in those cities, hotel lobbies or look for libraries that have Wi-Fi. #bufferchat
Blue Ninja 26/04/2017 06:24
A3 I'm very selective where I choose to stay as I spend a lot of time in the place. Check comments re WiFi, desk space, kitchen #bufferchat
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