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Asterion Europe 23/08/2017 12:00
[email protected]_Commission for regional author. interested in #circulareconomy uptake by #SMEs. Expr. of interest by 18 Sept:
Can the digital transformation pave the way for resource-efficient materials cycles? As yet, only around 14 per cent of the raw materials used in German industry are derived from recycling processes. But how can this proportion be increased and waste ...
Arup 23/08/2017 11:32
How we helped @DelMonte turn wastewater into electricity using #CircularEconomy principles:
Toward an Asean circular economy Tue, 22 Aug 2017 14:17:00 GMT
As the Association of Southeast Asian Nations turns 50, our planet breaks records in global temperatures and pollution. Asean enters its next 50 years with the planet considerably different from the time it was founded. The most urgent challenge facing the ...
Ellen MacArthur Fdn. 23/08/2017 11:07
A #circulareconomy offers businesses greater profits, more resilience and better customer relationships.
Contextualising the circular economy Tue, 22 Aug 2017 01:00:00 GMT
When 2050 - that often-cited and seemingly distant milestone - comes around, I will still have a good decade of my career to go. With this in mind, it is vital that my generation participates in discussions...
EIT RawMaterials 23/08/2017 09:41
[email protected] will be present with a booth @ #LCM2017! Let us know if you're going! https:// materials-at-lcm2017/   … #circulareconomy #innovation
This is why the theme of this year’s World Water Week is ‘Water and waste: reduce and reuse’. A circular economy, in which water and waste are reused and managed as economic assets, is an important part of the solution to this challenge. World Water ...
Piotr Barczak ♲ 23/08/2017 08:58
After summer silence, the #circulareconomy debate at the @EUCouncil starts again. by @Green_Europe @zerowasteeurope @foeeurope @PBarczak
Proctor & Gamble is taking sustainability and the circular economy seriously, creating a new method to recycle polypropylene (PP) plastic into a "virgin-like" quality for reuse. In the World Bank's April Commodity Markets Outlook, higher prices were ...
EU Environment 23/08/2017 08:32
Breaking up is hard to do, but do you really want to stay in a relationship out of convenience?!cx47QJ   #CircularEconomy
Circul'R 23/08/2017 08:29
Sand is the most widely consumed natural #resource on the planet after fresh water ! Time for #circulareconomy -
EEB 23/08/2017 07:59
Who's supporting the #circulareconomy? Check out our ongoing investigation & find out how your country is doing ong-eu-countries-on-waste-proposals-threatens-transition-to-a-circular-economy/   …
ShareImpact 23/08/2017 07:14
Listen to this weeks podcast w. Lindsey McCoy @PlaineProducts about single use plastic #SocEntWomen #circulareconomy
Mari Puoskari 23/08/2017 06:45
[email protected] : Biggest challenge of our time is to decouple wellbeing&growth from natural resources consumption #circulareconomy #poyry
Aquapak 22/08/2017 11:20
#Aquapak's Dr. John Williams discusses the need to develop sustainable #plastics for a #CircularEconomy: https://   #AWRE2017
Adinda Lodders 22/08/2017 04:30
Nice visit to a demonstration farm with mixed farming with cereals, piggery and passion fruit. #circulareconomy #Agric4youth
Ellen MacArthur Fdn. 22/08/2017 04:07
What is the #circulareconomy?
Metabolic 22/08/2017 11:53
We believe cities & regions hold the key to accelerating the #circulareconomy — @Adamstones explains in this blog https://
Arup 22/08/2017 11:44
Why we need to apply #circulareconomy principles to make urban water utilities more efficient:
Circul'R 22/08/2017 07:08
Six tips for your company to join the #circulareconomy !
C2C Certified 21/08/2017 08:16
This simple graphic explains the #circulareconomy and #circulardesign perfectly!!
w.r.yuma 21/08/2017 12:46
Sunglasses from recycled car dashboard? Yes we can! W.r.yuma 3D prints sunglasses from plastic waste. #zerowaste #upcycling #circulareconomy
CircularEconomy Club 21/08/2017 12:10
The Ellen MacArthur Foundation @circulareconomy & @GrantaDesign launch the Circularity Indicators https://www. dicators/   … #CircularEconomy
EU Maritime & Fish 21/08/2017 06:42
Learn more about #circulareconomy, the way forward also for #OurOcean (via @EU_ENV) https://www. tzkCI   …
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