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Katherine Whalen 24/10/2017 10:28
What does investment look like in a circular world? Learning by doing @WRFSwitzerland hosted by @VITObelgium. #circulareconomy #WRF2017
In December 2015, the European Commission presented a new Circular Economy Package that will impact a wide range of sectors, especially the recycling sector. This package has set various targets in terms of recycling but also has introduced life cycle ...
Bart Dooms 24/10/2017 10:09
Aravato gives an example how #bigdata #ai & other #tech4CE can generate added value & revenue #circulareconomy @GSTICseries @VITObelgium
Solar industry fears for thousands of jobs should U.S. impose import restrictions.SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Singapore-headquartered solar panel maker REC hopes to be exempt from potential U.S. restrictions on imports following a recent trade finding that said ...
Vlaanderen Circulair 24/10/2017 09:54
A practical step-by-step guide for implementing #CircularEconomy practices within your organization: as/pdf/other/report_EMAS_Circular_Economy.pdf   … #EMAS
policy shifts in the European Union now mean that member states have to focus on recycling as part of a general move towards a circular economy. Which in turn means that in the future having waste burned will have to come with a fee. According to deputy ...
Pro Carton 24/10/2017 09:50
We have developed a new infographic to show how cartons fit with the circular economy: http://www. cle-chart/   … #CircularEconomy
The group argues that using food waste for building would contribute to a circular economy where organic waste is put to use, rather than tossed into landfills. Repurposing food waste would also reduce the amount of methane that is produced when fruit and ...
Karl Vrancken 24/10/2017 09:39
Waste sector reconsiders its role in #circulareconomy. @amavrop @GSTICseries #tech4CE #GSTIC @ISWA_org
In The Urban Bio Loop, the engineering firm advocates turning organic waste into construction materials as a way to use resources more effectively and develop a circular economy. [Image: courtesy Arup] “It is well known that the so-called ‘business as ...
Karl Vrancken 24/10/2017 09:32
Linking @EITRawMaterials to #SDGs and #tech4CE on day 2 of #circulareconomy session @GSTICseries #GSTIC
Jim McClelland 24/10/2017 08:59
Where there’s muck... Why seeing the value of #wastewater is vital for a sustainable future: My 2nd article on water for @raconteur, published today in @thetimes, looks at how #innovation + #circulareconomy are saving money literally going down the drain
Jocelyn Blériot 24/10/2017 08:49
Launch of the French gov’s #circulareconomy roadmap with @brunepoirson and @N_Hulot. Foundation is Delighted to be part of ambassadors panel
21Solutions 24/10/2017 08:19
We're proud to have contributed to the DGENV newly published guidance report on EMAS and #circulareconomy
Katherine Whalen 24/10/2017 07:46
Saskia @VITObelgium introduces the @EITRawMaterials #circulareconomy game @WRFSwitzerland. Come to room 23 at 11:00 today to play! #WRF2017
Giuliana Longworth 24/10/2017 07:29
Save the date! Attend @EU_Commission's webinar on green procurement of furniture, 29. Nov @ 14:30 https:// nstage/g.php?MTID=e1c634444ca4436e0ad298293d10b4daf   … #CircularEconomy
RESYNTEX 24/10/2017 07:03
Never forget to #recycle your textiles - clothing shouldn't be treated as disposable #circulareconomy http://www. e-textile-industry-causing-pile-up/article_8eb59822-3a78-5b1d-ae02-b8cbb627002f.html   …
Jordi Oliver 23/10/2017 09:57
Why do we need an open source and modular design in a #CircularEconomy? @KateRaworth explains it brilliantly (3 min) https://  
breakfreefromplastic 23/10/2017 08:09
[email protected]_ENV reconfirm your commitment to #CircularEconomy & phase out subsidies for #waste incineration. #BigBadBioenergy #breakfreefromplastic
Brad Zarnett 23/10/2017 06:42
Ready or not the #circulareconomy is coming! Why @marksandspencer leads in #Sustainability @planamikebarry explains re-leadership/the-urgency-for-creating-a-circular-economy   …
Giulia Pastorella 23/10/2017 01:48
#Tech4CE session continues with examples of how companies are integrating #Industry40 solutions with #circulareconomy approach. #gstic
Marzio Marzorati 23/10/2017 12:43
Waste4Think will partecipate in @Ecomondo the biggest euro-Mediterranean expo in #circulareconomy 8th novembre 16-17 @Legambiente area 005
Stefan Pauliuk 23/10/2017 10:51
We need more #industrialecology thinking in #circulareconomy assessment! http://www. e/pii/S0921344917303531   …
Karl Vrancken 23/10/2017 08:47
All set for @GSTICseries kick off. For #circulareconomy session use #tech4CE. Looking forward to your input.
CircularEconomy Club 23/10/2017 06:04
Delve into the #CircularEconomy Toolkit developed by @IfMCambridge + @Cambridge_Uni https://www. my-toolkit-ifm-univ-cambridge/   …
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