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Magnus Commodities 23/02/2017 11:05
Equivalent of 3.3 bn barrels of untapped #crude removed from the so-called proved reserves category in #Exxon 's bk ow.ly/t6A7309hgfO  
Stephen A S Morrison 17/11/2011 05:55
Huge #oil find still lies untapped as $Bs over budget & 8 years behind schedule: bloom.bg/sQION7   #energy #Exxon
Pietro Ferrario 30/08/2011 08:17
The Artict sea is a vast, untapped area but #Rosneft lacks the expertise. #Exxon will provide that while at same time entering a new mkt.
François de Causans 09/03/2011 05:53
Technology Enables Companies to Reach Untapped Oil: By The Energy Report Over the last decade, more and m... http://bit.ly/gRfROs #Exxon
François de Causans 16/02/2011 06:46
After XTO buy, Exxon Mobil's untapped supplies are more than 50 percent natural gas: Tags: natural gas A ... http://bit.ly/fvoilZ #Exxon
Westerwelle 03/11/2010 02:50
Energy giants to drill for untapped natural gas in Rhineland, Germany http://ht.ly/33L51 #Germany #energy #gas #Exxon
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