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ⓖⓔⓕⓕ웃 12/05/2017 07:37
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kipleting collins 22/04/2017 10:00
Real hot game #gainwithxtiandele
dj andry-x 13/04/2017 09:07
this extact time wen jesus die on cross #happygoodfriday as we #gainWithXtiandele
dj andry-x 13/04/2017 09:04
still follwering later night maneno #gainWithXtiandele
dj andry-x 13/04/2017 09:00
n still follwing kila mjeshi who is follewing me let do thiz later night gain #gainWithXtiandele
Simon Ngania 11/04/2017 07:23
Retweet if you are Online #GainWithxtianDele
Anthony Orokwo 08/04/2017 07:57
i will follow everyone who will retweet this #GainWithXtiandele
dj andry-x 23/03/2017 09:00
let do this follow i follow back #GainWithXtianDele
Erickjeremi255 22/02/2017 08:23
Eric_Tush 09/02/2017 07:45
i promised to follow back everybody and i doing so 100% #Gainwithxtiandele
Anthony Orokwo 12/01/2017 09:19
follow for follow @WachirahJulioh @lellowneemo @jerrykemoi @anthony_orokwo team no sleep still gaining #GainWithXtiandele
Anthony Orokwo 12/01/2017 09:18
s/o to my friends here they fb instanly @LitiemaM @lellowneemo @joy_ital @omundu_eli @Shiko_tyras @anthony_orokwo #GainWithXtiandele
Anthony Orokwo 10/01/2017 04:51
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Anthony Orokwo 03/01/2017 07:06
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Anthony Orokwo 03/01/2017 07:05
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Anthony Orokwo 31/12/2016 06:04
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Anthony Orokwo 20/12/2016 06:42
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