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Beverly Spence 24/06/2017 03:40
#msnbc #amjoy Jimmy and other guests 20/20 vision is excellent,spent the money #Osoff turned out to be the wrong horse,NOT THE END OF WORLD

An MSNBC political analyst compared President Trump to a “suicide bomber” on Thursday after he tweeted that he did not have any recordings of meetings with former FBI Director James Comey. Elise Jordan, a former Bush White House aide and now an MSNBC ...
Beverly Spence 24/06/2017 03:24
#MSNBC #amjoy tax credits have no substantial or material meaning to those who pay NO taxes,coverage #AHCA is robust in removing coverage
President Trump held a big, campaign-style rally in Iowa on Wednesday night, but if you were watching CNN or MSNBC, you didn't see much of it. Tucker Carlson pointed out that CNN cut away from the rally after just seven minutes to cover Jared Kushner's ...
Rhonda 24/06/2017 03:23
@amjoyshow joy i am appreciative of this discussion on healthcare. Keep providing the facts #MSNBC #REIDERS #AMJOY
“It is hard work to read widely and broadly, and on both sides of the political aisle,” conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt wrote in a July 2014 explanation of why he had decided to, in his words, “embarrass” a young Huffington Post journalist ...
JB 24/06/2017 02:33
#amjoy #msnbc I wish some1 wld investigate Jill Stein. She runs4 POTUS &disappears! Y? &Y was she at table w/Putin? No1 ever made clear!!!
U.S. Republican Senator Dean Heller said on Friday he would not support a healthcare bill unveiled by the Senate Republican leadership in its current form, becoming the fifth Republican senator to oppose the draft legislation, MSNBC reported. "This bill ..
Wallflower 24/06/2017 02:13
Loathsome. Repulsive. Boorish. Abhorrent. Obtuse. Caustic. Haughty. Odious. Pompous. Excruciating. Ghastly. Off-putting. #msnbc Hugh Hewitt
MSNBC is expanding its live news programming lineup, including a new Saturday show hosted by conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt. Hewitt, best known as a host for the right-leaning Salem Radio Network, will have a half-hour Saturday morning program airing ...
Nick Smith™ 24/06/2017 02:05
"...they, (GOP) haven't explained to the country why their plan is better." @rickwtyler #MSNBC #SaturdayMorning #BetterCare #HEALTHCAREBILL
Nataya 24/06/2017 01:44
#amjoy No #msnbc doesn't get off w we covered both You made Russia seem like Hillary was crying wolf Also where was Repub responsibility
Emoluments Clause 24/06/2017 01:30
Concerned about CORRUPT.@GOP ELECTION HACKING?Follow.@mikefarb1-BRILLIANT!! #TheResistance #unhackthevote #CNN #MSNBC
Concerned about CORRUPT.@GOP ELECTION HACKING?Follow.@mikefarb1-BRILLIANT!! #TheResistance #unhackthevote   #CNN #MSNBC <br>
Charlotte Ingram 24/06/2017 01:17
.#MSNBC @Steve Cohen is exactly correct the news was on the #Billy Bush tape not on #Russian interference
Courtney Rhorer 24/06/2017 01:17
#msnbc. Go Steve Cohen! And no, Thomas Roberts--there is no question the Russian interference story was overshadowed by Access and emails.
Desi 24/06/2017 01:17
Thomas Roberts you ppl can't impose sanctions but you did overkill on Clinton emails MEDIA complicit #MSNBC
Clint Thigh 24/06/2017 01:14
Very impressed with Rep Steve Cohen on #msnbc #RepCohen
Shawn 24/06/2017 01:12
Hey #MSNBC we'll trade #ShepSmith for "Hugh Hewitt"
Elizabeth 24/06/2017 01:02
Seriously. Why does Hugh Hewitt have a show on #MSNBC #NewFox
GMoney 24/06/2017 12:57
#msnbc @msnbc Will management ever learn? Greta = bust Megyn Kelly = bust And now Hugh Hewitt? You evidently don't care about ratings.
LaurenBaratzLogsted 24/06/2017 12:30
#MSNBC has spit in the face by giving Hugh Hewitt, who their core viewership doesn't even want as a guest, his own show. F--- you too @MSNBC
LaurenBaratzLogsted 24/06/2017 12:18
Dear @MSNBC: When we said, 'Who's #MSNBC going to give a show to next - Hugh Hewitt?' we were kidding. No one wants this. No one.
Less Gov. More Fun. 24/06/2017 11:58
.When you purposely lie, promote lies & smile while doing so, you're either in 7th grade, or work at #CNN & #MSNBC
.When you purposely lie, promote lies & smile while doing so, you're either in 7th grade, or work at #CNN & #MSNBC    http://      <br>
GMoney 24/06/2017 11:55
#msnbc I will never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever watch Hugh Hewitt. Smug SOB with a total lack of objectivity. Never, ever.......
Emoluments Clause 24/06/2017 11:13
1st DAILY REMINDER:"Emoluments Clause"--The Trump Family Nightmare #TheResistance #CNN #msnbc http://www. /emoluments-clause-donald-trumps-undoing.html   …
1st DAILY REMINDER:"Emoluments Clause"--The Trump Family Nightmare #TheResistance #CNN #msnbc  http://www. /emoluments-clause-donald-trumps-undoing.html   … <br>
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