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Vincent Bayle 23/06/2017 04:30
“Automation in Venezuelan Twitter Networks” by @3r1nG https:// [email protected]_gallaghe r/automation-in-venezuelan-twitter-networks-c823d9458dd   … #gephi #networkanalysis
Traditional process improvement techniques like Six Sigma, Lean and Kaizen have enabled the successful transformation of innumerable companies over the last few decades. Even though they are based on a scientific approach to improve processes and increase ...
Leah Wendleton 21/06/2017 05:56
Geeking out on #networkanalysis #SCRA2017 - forgive the small slide error, great presentation
However, whereas the contribution of behavioural biology to conservation is already well recognized, the usefulness of animal social network analysis as a conservation tool has not yet been addressed. A group of behavioural ecologists led by Lysanne ...
Leah Wendleton 21/06/2017 05:48
Different fields will tell you they created #networkanalysis psych ,anthrop, soc. This teaches us it's a useful flexible tool. @SCRA_2017
Map: Detroit Bike Network Analysis Score Mon, 19 Jun 2017 05:36:00 GMT
The national advocacy group, People for Bikes, has created a walkscore style of scoring for bicycle infrastructure and access to amenities. Detroit does not rank well at 26 out of 100 points. Major caveat here is that the analysis is based on OpenStreetMap ...
Leah Wendleton 21/06/2017 05:18
Thinking a lot about defining relationship @SCRA_2017 in reference to my work with @PARTNER_Tool #networkanalysis
Appropriate infant and young child feeding (IYCF) practices are essential for nutrition of infants and young children. Bangladesh has one of the highest levels of malnutrition globally along with sub-optimal IYCF practices. A supportive policy environment ...
Michael M. Moon, PhD 19/06/2017 02:54
Interesting application of #graphtheory! #networkanalysis https:// us/876815076216508416   …
Metabolomic network analysis can be used to interpret experimental results within a variety of contexts including: biochemical relationships, structural and spectral similarity and empirical correlation. Machine learning is useful for modeling ...
Storm King Analytics 19/06/2017 01:53
The Restless Region:   #Qatar #NetworkAnalysis #EmergingMarkets
Sarah Ellison 19/06/2017 12:46
How can you use #networks + #NetworkAnalysis to improve development outcomes? Check out my recent @PactWorld blog:
Marita Hennessy 17/06/2017 08:39
#Policy content & stakeholder #networkanalysis for infant and young child feeding in India https:// 86/s12889-017-4339-z   … #infantfeeding
Dr Ruth Carlyle 16/06/2017 08:04
Interesting change since Mark Granovetter's 1970s strength of weak ties analysis https:// anovetter   … #NetworkAnalysis https:// s/875622833581248513   …
Dominic Horinek 15/06/2017 04:19
Look at my #networkanalysis ye mighty, and despair! #gephi #happy #DHSI2017 #itworks
Greentown 2017 15/06/2017 10:58
@GBerlu @MaynoothLaw #expert #networkanalysis talks about identifing vunerabilitise #children within #criminalnetworks #researchimpact
Danielle M. Farrar 14/06/2017 06:26
@Gephi is hypnotic #dhsistylo #DHSI2017 #stylometry #networkanalysis
Danielle M. Farrar 14/06/2017 04:53
Examples of #networkanalysis (graph theory) with nodes and edges #dhsistylo #DHSI2017
Jessica Otis 13/06/2017 08:46
The #networkanalysis slideshow is now linked in the #dhsi2017 #unconference google doc for anyone who's interested in seeing the slides
Bodong Chen 13/06/2017 08:16
intergraph   I knew there is such a package for network conversion in #rstats #networkanalysis
Andrew W. Klein 13/06/2017 08:15
awesome #unconference on #networkanalysis with @jotis13 -- so useful, and I feel so much more confident discussing now. thank you! #DHSI2017
Andrew W. Klein 13/06/2017 08:03
although--it is effective at generating interest! the shock and awe works for what it is #dhsi2017 #networkanalysis
Chelcie Rowell 13/06/2017 04:46
.@jotis13 is a pro at leading a #networkanalysis crash course in 60 min! Sure to be a super fun #DHSI2017 unconference session https:// tus/874665996795076609   …
Jessica Otis 13/06/2017 02:04
Interested in learning about #networkanalysis? I'm talking in MacLaurin D010 tomorrow during lunch as part of the #DHSI2017 unconference.
DiscourseNet 12/06/2017 11:35
Human Fabric of Facebook Pyramid translated into Italian https://   @TheCreaturesLab @ukrueg @DISCONEXproject #NetworkAnalysis
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