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Laura Clark 20/09/2017 01:01
5 Tips For Talking About Mental Health   #mentalhealth #depression #anxiety #peersupport #timetochange #endstigma
"Peer support, psychotherapy and behavioral therapy are all very important." Dr. Sue Varma, a psychiatrist and clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at the NYU Langone Medical Center, told ABC News earlier this year that women should de-stigmatize ...
Laura Clark 20/09/2017 01:00
What Is Perinatal OCD?   #pnd #ppd #mentalhealth #perinatalOCD #maternalOCD #PMH #anxiety #hope #peersupport Pls RT
As someone who lives with bipolar disorder and often feels disconnected from the “real” world, it’s no surprise I’ve spent a lot of time in online support groups. All of this was long before I reached recovery, became a writer, or even heard the ...
myHIVorguk 20/09/2017 01:00
Two chances tonight to catch our fab #peersupport volunteers @newlypositive will be in the community forums 8-9pm and @poz_str8 9-10pm!
Black Monday reaction: Shock and disbelief Tue, 19 Sep 2017 21:25:00 GMT
It focused on peer support for displaced steelworkers, helping them obtain new employment in various fields based on their “transferable skills” and, if necessary, enrolling them in retraining programs. For example, Cene said, former steel mill ...
Wiltshire Sight 20/09/2017 10:02
Our Peer Support Sessions are at Trowbridge Library today! #charity #peersupport
Both the Sheriff’s Office and the Santa Rosa Police Department offer peer support units where deputies and officers can speak with colleagues trained to help work out job-related issues. The Santa Rosa police have a pool of area psychologists ...
Candles 20/09/2017 07:33
Fun day out for our group with a visit to the Gosford Classic Car Museum followed by a delicious lunch at @gosfordgalaxy #peersupport
Invisible wounds: Finding a voice Mon, 18 Sep 2017 15:34:00 GMT
For confidential assistance, call Military OneSource at (800) 342-9647. Call Vet4Warriors peer support for service members, civilians and family members at (855) 838-8255.
Dr. Vivien Lee 20/09/2017 12:47
Exciting chats w @rncarleton abt researching what works in #peersupport for #firstresponders at the @TEMATrust Peer Support Symposium! #OSI
topsy 19/09/2017 04:29
Spending time with good friends at our 2nd Annual #PeerSupport Symposium #TemaFamily @Erin_Alvarez @nycoleodeon @DrCouperthwaite @vsavoia
topsy 19/09/2017 04:10
Darryl Wilton from Ottawa Paramedics speaking now about their innovative HELP program @ @Ottawa_9_1_1 @WiltonDarryl #PeerSupport
topsy 19/09/2017 02:46
Dr. Couperthwaite talking about "the upside of stress" & post-traumatic growth at our #PeerSupport Symposium #MentalHealth @DrCouperthwaite
Stephen Edwards 19/09/2017 02:37
[email protected] speaks at @TEMATrust 2nd Annual Conf. about #MentalHealth Checkups and Proactive approach to #PeerSupport @CAMHnews
topsy 19/09/2017 02:17
What is Wellness? Clinical Psychologist @DrCouperthwaite speaking now at our #PeerSupport Symposium #MentalHealth @CAMHnews
topsy 19/09/2017 01:09
#PeerSupport Symposium Day2! Christine Yerrill, Morneau Shepell speaking now. Later @DrCouperthwaite on"The Mental Health Checkup" @CAMHnews
Yor-Peer Support 18/09/2017 11:06
It's one of our members birthday today so our #PeerSupport session will be involving cake, join us 4pm-6pm @BriarHouse Museum St #York
Janine Jury 18/09/2017 07:15
It's good to check in. So many will hide behind a smile or an "I'm fine". #ruok #mentalhealth #peersupport
topsy 18/09/2017 02:12
Plenary speaker, Dr. Nick Carleton, UofRegina speaking now at our 2nd Annual Peer Support Symposium #PeerSupport #MentalHealth #PublicSafety
Jenny_Edwards 18/09/2017 01:14
Steve Gillard looks at evidence on #peersupport. Tension between clinical evidence of treatment effect & values of peer support #RonR2017
Christopher D Mackie 18/09/2017 04:56
I Personally find this to be #true when my Brothers become silent or withdrawn. I hear Thunder and Storms #Peersupport #Veteranssupport
Brian D Satterfield 16/09/2017 09:46
Attending a @SMARTRecovery meeting this eve. Why? Why not! I'm the evidence that #peersupport #recovery work every day + every eve!
DCP Peer Support 16/09/2017 01:27
When did you last relax? Here's some tips from @MindCharity @mindbluelight Read more https://www. pport/tips-for-everyday-living/relaxation/#.WbpMOdVSzIU   … #peersupport #police
BeThere Peer Support 15/09/2017 02:14
Just married, and facing your first deployment? Let’s talk about it: 844-357-PEER (7337). #PeerSupport
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