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Shaun O'Reilly 22/10/2017 11:12
When @Rogers tech support questions their own company’s selling practices. #rogersfail #shameful #scam #worstserviceever #nointegrity
Jordan Belfort, the former penny-stock broker immortalised in the film, The Wolf of Wall Street, has dismissed the current craze for initial coin offerings as “the biggest scam ever” that is bound to “blow up in . . . people’s faces”.
sai. 22/10/2017 09:04
the heights really charged me $35 to unlock my door.. ok #scam
New pork scam probe pushed Sun, 22 Oct 2017 16:09:00 GMT
Senators Francis Escudero and Grace Poe want to reopen the investigation into the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel scam to identify the other culprits behind the scandal aside from its suspected mastermind Janet Lim Napoles.
Trackman Timothy 22/10/2017 08:49
Hi @f1 if you give a penalty to @Max33Verstappen then you better show some proof that will justify this or else it’s a #scam #fail
If a stake could be driven through the vampire heart of the nation’s opioid epidemic, it might look something like this: Four tiny spines, each smaller than a matchstick, sunk into a drug addict’s upper arm. These implants remain beneath the skin for ...
  🦇 Roxanne   🎃 22/10/2017 07:57
If you live in & you need whatever therapy & its repute medical condition its covered by need to crowdfund you. #scam
NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — Federal prosecutors are seeking more than a year in prison for a Norwich man convicted in an insurance scam involving staged car crashes in eastern Connecticut. Jonas Joseph is scheduled to be sentenced on Wednesday in U.S ...
Guy Fawkes 22/10/2017 04:57
Those prototypes cost taxpayers millions for each one. #Scam
Fresno businessman Steve Moua says he was working with a Minnesota man to collect donations that they vowed would be used to create a country for Hmong refugees in Southeast Asia. He went on Hmong television to solicit tens of thousands of dollars for the ...
MollyTov 22/10/2017 03:52
All my YouTube videos are organized & labeled in order! This #jimsaroka scope is finally fixed too! #scam #feetpeace https://  
CanadaRevenueAgency 22/10/2017 03:01
#SCAM ALERT: the CRA doesn’t send refunds by email money transfer. AVOID THIS AND OTHER SCAMS.   #CAPSLOCKDAY
wajobu 22/10/2017 02:51
And it was an abysmal failure, ultimately. Ballooning the federal deficit, and it didn't expand the economy. #TaxReform is a GOP #scam.
JIM FARLEY 22/10/2017 12:44
Because of all things, I love to be lied to on a Sunday Morning twice by a weasel of a human being. #Liar #Hypocrite #Scam #Shameful
Deep State U 22/10/2017 02:45
That’s because it doesn’t give money to anyone but @realDonaldTrump #scam
Brian D Colwell 22/10/2017 01:10
#FirstCoin: The New #Cryptocurrency #Economy That Connects & Supports #Startups… Or Just Another #Scam? https:// oin-the-new-cryptocurrency-economy-that-connects-and-supports-startups-or-just-another-scam/.html   … #investing
Leetta 21/10/2017 05:00
@BSYBJP What about this story . Why u or any @BJP4Karnataka member z concerned abt such a big #scam!! #DreamzGKFraud
Unite Alberta 21/10/2017 02:19
Don’t be fooled! Trump today pulled the ULTIMATE DISTRACTION today by.... Please Retweet Thank you! http://www. itics/trump-jfk-documents/index.html   … #usa #Scam
Stacy Samuel 21/10/2017 01:58
@HDFCLIFE has started a policy in my name with forged documents and is now trying to make me pay for it. (THREAD) #SCAM #HDFConArtists
J₳₦Ɇ ĐØɆ ¹³ Ⓥ 20/10/2017 12:00
Were YOU duped by ‘Friends not food’ sanctuary? If ya gave #FNF scum fucks $, ya got 30 DAYS to press charges #Scam #Vegan #AnimalLiberation
3rdstringWilliams 19/10/2017 11:07
#SpencerAtUF = Agitate liberals and college students & later play the victim. Blaming P.C. Culture and then promote a book.#scam
Punch Buttons 19/10/2017 12:27
Unfortunate graphic placement. #scam @espn @MichaelRyanRuiz @LeBatardShow
Phishgod 18/10/2017 08:53
Delusional Donnie is no Christian-- but he is willing to play 1 in his latest unreality gig! He's willing to scam anyone & everyone! #SCAM
Rick A 17/10/2017 09:49
In a booming economy especially for the the top 1% trump lost $600 million dollars in 2016. Such amazing business skills. #fraud #SCAM
Swami2 12/10/2017 10:08
Lithium mining is “really mining mountains of water,” Daniel Galli, an Argentine professor of thermodynamics, said $AGY @ASX #SCAM
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