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Josh Pendergrass 16/10/2017 04:05
You're literally the most annoying thing I've ever met in my life. #speechless
‘But I kind of love it. You’re annoying so that I’m fascinated by you. Invented in a computer to create the most annoying girl group in the world.’ It was no surprised that Louis also chose to keep the girls in the competition as he ...
Ms Siordia 13/07/2017 05:25
My mom really just said my text message ringtone is annoying and goes off all night #speechless
Anne commits the ultimate passive aggressive move: Making an annoyed statement about something you’re doing and then asking you to agree with how annoying it is ... and gives Stu the final rose. Blake is speechless. He walks toward Sophie and she ...
Toddler Talk 18/06/2017 12:09
Me-*singing R Kelly classic remix to ignition* Toddler- mummy stop doing that, you are annoying me ears #speechless #cantsing #stillsang
This is a movie that we experienced as thrilling for the first hour and annoying for the second; the annoying part was likely just our own longing for a recognizable narrative structure. Anyway, it all felt deeply unsatisfying. mother! is a bit beyond ...
PopCulture Uncovered 12/01/2017 01:35
This girl is annoying? I hope this is her only episode? #Speechless @Speechless_ABC
TV Review: ‘Speechless’ Fri, 09 Sep 2016 06:58:00 GMT
“Speechless” briskly explores difficult situations that are also often preposterous, silly or annoying, while firmly retaining its identity as an on-brand, aspirational ABC comedy. The network is once again to be credited for ace casting, especially ...
I'm annoying for trynna fight and go hard for mine #speechless #neverstopgoinin #thisoneisforyou
Created by Jeremy Bronson (Speechless) and produced by Daveed Diggs (Hamilton ... Courtney is affable without being annoying, and a little selfish, but he's working on it. When he stands up to a political hack at the debate, you believe him, thanks ...
LouBou 30/11/2016 08:19
I have no voice. What annoying illness is this?! #speechless #poorly #ouch
xx 20/11/2016 12:41
Minnie Driver+that other dude are lucky #Speechless is so funny bc their combined lisps are incredibly annoying.
A-C 17/11/2016 05:34
Points for annoying habits of relatives. Brilliant game. #Speechless
al pepper 17/11/2016 12:14
#ABC has an annoying habit of playing excessive music for failing #sitcoms like #Speechless. It virtually drowns out the dialogue
Oh man, Uncle Billy and his family are just annoying af. I feel like my family is that side - the annoying af side. #Speechless
Kendall White 27/10/2016 12:47
"You are so annoying! You and Ray would be perfect together! *Screams*" Same, Dylan. Same. #Speechless
Do either of the parents on #speechless have jobs? It's kind of annoying the crap out of me
Shannon Duffy 06/10/2016 01:49
UGH I missed #Speechless and for some reason my @verizon DVR recorded it but won't play it back for me! Annoying!
Sheri Zuccarelli 06/10/2016 12:50
I want to like #Speechless but it's trying WAY too hard and Minnie Driver's character is REALLY annoying
I love JJ trying to get his annoying aide to read fairy godmother lines off the screen. Perfect! #Speechless
Kathy Barnes 22/09/2016 01:14
I'm not sure if I like #Speechless yet. Mom is kind of annoying.
Your Legal Soapiness 22/09/2016 12:42
I don't know what to think abt #Speechless... they seem to be trying too hard, but I like Minnie Driver. But this might get annoying fast.
Dominick Evans 22/09/2016 12:39
Having aides or PTs or someone else who is annoying and who you cannot stand....soooo relatable! #FilmDis #Speechless
RIKKI POYNTER 22/09/2016 12:33
CC is thankfully wonderful, although sometimes, covering faces but that's now as the credits roll. Kinda annoying. #FilmDis #Speechless https:// twitter.com/dominickevans/ status/778753869614489600   …
Jason Roby 20/09/2016 09:02
Is there anything more annoying then folding socks? #Speechless
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