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Brian McCarthy 10/10/2017 12:30
biggest confirmation yet that #Tillerson did call #Trump a #moron. #MOTUS
Peterlin was tapped by a Trump transition official, a fellow former Hastert staff member, to shepherd the secretary-of-state nominee through his confirmation process. Tillerson subsequently asked her to become his chief of staff. By the spring, however ...
videoflyer 07/10/2017 03:37
If #Tillerson called him a moron...well, that would be confirmation, at best. We already KNOW he's a moron.

he uses unconventional motivational techniques to motivate change," Tillerson said, explaining Trump's social media habits. He said it does not matter that many observers see his refusal to address the "moron" controversy head-on as tacit confirmation that ...
PeterB 06/10/2017 12:06
Lol, priceless This is actually a confirmation of what #Tillerson said. https:// twitter.com/realDonaldTrum p/status/915907150333009920   …
Tillerson says never considered resigning Wed, 04 Oct 2017 19:22:00 GMT
Absolutely.” Tillerson was confirmed by only 56-43 at his Senate confirmation hearing in January, an unusually low confirmation for a secretary of state. Many members of Congress, including Republicans, strongly object to his plans to slash the State ...
MikeIAm. 05/10/2017 12:02
And no confirmation or denial from #Tillerson. #FuckingMoron. https:// twitter.com/realDonaldTrum p/status/915907150333009920   …
Tillerson’s response: Let’s move on ... It seems we’re going to have to wait for the “Moron” chapter of T-Rex’s post-firing tell-all for final confirmation. I wonder of that chapter’s already been written. In related news, he still has ...
John Adams 04/10/2017 08:16
Thanks for confirming the Tillerson reporting from @NBCNews: your denial is a reasonable person's confirmation #trueifyoudenyit #tillerson https:// twitter.com/realDonaldTrum p/status/915596990674849792   …
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee held Callista Gingrich's confirmation hearing in mid-July ... was made during a July 20 meeting that included Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, according to NBC News.
Rep. Brad Sherman 04/10/2017 03:35
[email protected] reports Rex Tillerson called #Trump a #moron. Just saw #Tillerson refuse to deny that report. Virtually a confirmation.
Simon 17/08/2017 01:00
#Tillerson: 197 days as @StateDept & "(86) out of 131 (...) positions that require Senate confirmation have not been nominated." #TrumpAdmin
Nick Walden Poublon 07/08/2017 05:00
Since his confirmation it has never really been clear WHO it is that #Tillerson works for. Is it #Putin or #Exxon or both? Secretary of Oil.
Since his confirmation it has never really been clear WHO it is that #Tillerson works for. Is it #Putin or #Exxon or both? Secretary of Oil.<br>http://pic.twitter.com/6Fc6nLdLez
ACAenroll 11/1-12/15 20/07/2017 07:30
Lie after lie after lie in those confirmation headings. #Tillerson may look the part of a diplomat but he's a self serving corporate lackey.
Birch Please! 20/07/2017 05:09
Yes!!! Do you remember when #Tillerson denied EVER having a discussion abt Russia w Trump during his confirmation hearing? I knew then. https:// twitter.com/fnthehalls/sta tus/888082350365564928   …
B BlueTrue 02/07/2017 03:20
More confirmation of #Tillerson wanting out. https:// twitter.com/TrueFactsState d/status/881524720855896064   …
B. Justice 30/06/2017 12:15
After watching his Senate confirmation hearings it's not a surprise to me that this is happening now. #Tillerson https:// twitter.com/christoq/statu s/880688571358883840   …
Alcox 27/06/2017 04:10
@SenatorCardin and @ChrisVanHollen of #Maryland may enjoy this article, since they voted against #Tillerson confirmation: https:// twitter.com/AlcoxtheGreat/ status/879732839398486017   …
Indivisible Tampa 20/06/2017 05:41
[email protected] always has strong WORDS, as when he confronted #Tillerson at confirmation hearing, but then VOTED to confirm him anyway
David_in_DC 12/06/2017 07:07
#Tillerson and then Mark Green #USAID Senate confirmation hearing - how will they explain massive cuts?! @bylenasun @thegarance @NoamLevey https:// twitter.com/MSHACTS/status /874265319077969922   …
Bathsheba Crocker 09/05/2017 03:07
Nominee for Deputy Secretary @StateDept confirmation hearing this morning. Being questioned on #Trump #Tillerson re-org plans for State Dept https:// twitter.com/John_Hudson/st atus/861960129989750784   …
Conservative TK 01/05/2017 12:25
As if it mattered; #Tillerson refused to condemn #Duterte as a murderous dictator at his confirmation hearings. https:// twitter.com/thehill/status /858791409469579264   …
Arjun Sethi 19/04/2017 08:57
Look who's talking! You voted Yes on Tillerson's confirmation. #Tillerson #ExxonMobil https:// twitter.com/SenJohnMcCain/ status/854789080625885186   …
Thabo Mutlanyana 12/04/2017 08:22
#Trump says #Tillerson had successful talks on #Syria, he's nt aware that things didn't go as planed? Confirmation is #Russia vetoed #UN
Eowyn 11/04/2017 05:56
Ah, so #Tillerson is carrying out #Putin's wishes after all the posturing during the confirmation. https:// twitter.com/justinhendrix/ status/851803988949442560   …
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