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Buffalo Cake Pops 25/06/2017 04:52
Mr. Potato Head! #cakepops #toystory #birthday
'Toy Story' writer debunks popular fan theory Sun, 25 Jun 2017 09:32:00 GMT
Screenwriter Andrew Stanton isn't toying around with a fan theory about one of his most popular films that's taking the internet by storm. Stanton, scribe of some of Pixar's most popular flicks, took to Twitter Saturday to shut down a theory about Andy's ...
D. R. Williams 25/06/2017 04:40
#ToyStory Consultant Shares the Super Depressing Story of Andy's Dad [Updated] #JustATheory
Two days after the friend of a late “Toy Story” writer revealed a previously untold and devastating story about Andy’s dad, another Pixar writer lashed out on Twitter calling it “utterly” false. Let’s back up. This week, YouTuber Jonathan ...
Alexa  🏔 25/06/2017 03:48
You say its not true but i think it is #ToyStory #ToyStoryHistory #ItMakeSense @jonkerlin
It seems the Toy Story team are thoroughly divided about what happened to Andy's dad. The character has always been a bit of a mystery, leading to many theories regarding his fate and whereabouts during all three movies. Indeed, Andy's dad doesn't feature ...
UPROXX 25/06/2017 03:15
This theory about Andy's #ToyStory dad is as bogus as it is heartbreaking, but should it be?
Though everyone loves a clever Pixar theory, one of the production company's most prominent writers and directors is setting the story straight on a viral interview that claims to explain a major Toy Story mystery. A wildly depressing story about Andy's ...
Mike Sington 25/06/2017 01:25
Too sad to be true. The Andy's dad origin tale/video completely untrue, according to Pixar exec and co-writer of all three #ToyStory films.
Recently, toy designer and reviewer Mike Mozart appeared on a video from SuperCarlinBrothers on YouTube. Mozart, who claims that he was a toy consultant for Pixar’s Toy Story shared the backstory regarding the fate of Andy’s father. In the Toy Story ...
Entertainment Weekly 25/06/2017 01:00
A #ToyStory writer is calling "fake news" on that viral Andy's Dad theory:  
jubilee 25/06/2017 11:18
The truth about Andy's dad got me fucked up #toystory #goodnight
Landmark Stores 25/06/2017 08:30
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VICIOATOMICO 25/06/2017 08:28
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My Mixtapez 25/06/2017 03:56
If she doesn't know what this is from she's too young #toystory #MyMixtapez
ET Canada 25/06/2017 03:41
#ToyStory writer calls Andy's dad backstory "fake news"
Brick Off, Eh! 25/06/2017 02:44
To vacation, and beyond! @LEGO_Group @Lego_News1 #lego #afol #legophotography #minifigures #ToyStory #buzzlightyear
SuperBoy 25/06/2017 12:56
This is why I asked X) #ToyStory #Pixar
Perez Hilton 25/06/2017 12:45
So much for that absurd #ToyStory rumor https://  
Okay, then what is the story of Andy's Dad? #ToyStory
ComicBook NOW! 24/06/2017 11:49
HAPPENING NOW: #ToyStory Consultant Reveals Andy's Dad's 'True' Fate, Co-Writer Fires Back -
Brandon Swanson 24/06/2017 10:20
You know Twitter made me curious... what did happen to Andy's dad in Toy Story?? Like 3 movies and dude ain't there!! What is up? #ToyStory
Nerdist 24/06/2017 08:31
Have #ToyStory's unanswered questions finally been resolved?   #Pixar
T.E.N. 24/06/2017 08:29
Should @DisneyPixar make a #ToyStory prequel telling the story of #Woody & #Andy's father? #DisneyPixar #Disney #ToyStory4 #HandsDownPoll
Jonathan Carlin 22/06/2017 11:20
New Video! Toy Story Zero: The True Story Of Andy’s Dad & Woody’s Origin (ft. Mike Mozart) https://   #Pixar #ToyStory
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