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viti 26/09/2017 06:10
#Truth & FEMA sending Puerto Rico just over $2million so far when each trip Trump takes 2 Mar-a-lago costs taxpayers $3million-unacceptable!
Fearlessly speaking truth to power Tue, 26 Sep 2017 07:16:00 GMT
Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s cameo at the Emmy Awards was an unseemly reminder that, in the United States, those in positions of power all too rarely face serious consequences for misleading the public. Spicer was handed a nationally ...
Coach Sanzeri 26/09/2017 02:24
Motivation comes and goes. It's BS. DRIVE is real. #truth #beadude #mentalgame

So who is right? Would renationalisation be a dream or a nightmare? Is it 1945 or 1979? The answer, which will not please ideologues on either side, is that it depends. It depends on a multitude of factors, some of them structural, some technological, some ...
Xpirem 26/09/2017 06:29
Behind every #Successful business is a team who believed that #failure is a reason to try harder & not to give up! #Thinkingaloud #truth
Meathead’s pretty sure Archie Bunker’s still with Donald Trump—but the man who played the son-in-law of the irascible “All in the Family” patron isn’t ready to give up on the real-world Archie Bunkers just yet. Rob Reiner wasn’t the only one ...
viti 26/09/2017 06:18
All Trump does is tweet, watch news, play golf & hold rallies while his staff works, let's just be honest here!! #Truth
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. political consultant Roger Stone, a longtime ally of President Donald Trump, flatly denied all allegations of collusion between the president’s associates and Russia during the 2016 U.S. election in a meeting with lawmakers on ...
Jessica Medel 26/09/2017 05:51
Sometimes in life the only support system you need is you. Make things better for you. No one truly understands your struggle #truth
NCAA Coaches Among 10 Charged With Fraud And CorruptionFederal prosecutors have announced charges of fraud and corruption in college basketball, including against four coaches. Iowa State Excited To Face Texas In National SpotlightIowa State's improvement ...
AmericanRealist  🔹 26/09/2017 05:50
#GoodThingsForLife is knowing the #Truth. It will help you make better decisions. Don't believe what you're told. Research what you're told.
Clinton Kowach 26/09/2017 05:09
North Korea: Hawaii residents told to prepare for nuclear attack as tensions reach new high http://www. ricas/us-politics/north-korea-latest-hawaii-attack-warning-resident-told-prepare-a7968221.html   … #News #Truth #Endtimes
#BuildTheWallNOW 26/09/2017 04:27
Crime, not race, drives police actions and prison rates... #fact #truth
World Changing Women 26/09/2017 04:12
The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off. #truth
[email protected] 26/09/2017 04:11
"TaLKs CHeAP" #Truth #Facts #LockEmUp #DrainTheSwamp #MAGA #AmericaFirst
"TaLKs CHeAP" #Truth #Facts #LockEmUp #DrainTheSwamp #MAGA #AmericaFirst      <br>
CannabisFoodFestival 26/09/2017 03:35
DEA Judge #francisyoung speaking the absolute truth. This takes guts from his position. So proud of you! #truth #facts #truthfultuesday
DEA Judge #francisyoung speaking the absolute truth. This takes guts from his position. So proud of you! #truth #facts #truthfultuesday<br>
KingdomGateEnt Inc. 26/09/2017 03:31
#truth Never antagonize your haters, because your hater are already antagonized by your success!!! #TuesdayThoughts
KingdomGateEnt Inc. 26/09/2017 03:31
#truth Your gift will keep everyone's eyes on you !!! #TuesdayThoughts
KingdomGateEnt Inc. 26/09/2017 03:30
#truth Keep on playing yourself, eventually you get played out!!! #TuesdayThoughts
KingdomGateEnt Inc. 26/09/2017 03:24
#truth Your gift will keep you in your lane, if you ain't working your gift, I guarantee you are in someone elses lane!!! #TuesdayThoughts
KingdomGateEnt Inc. 26/09/2017 03:23
#truth Most of the problems in your life start with you, if you can't look at you, you'll never be happy!! #TuesdayThoughts
KingdomGateEnt Inc. 26/09/2017 03:21
#truth The people who put God first, don't blurt it out, don't post it, they live it !!! #TuesdayThoughts
Pastor Matthew Hagee 26/09/2017 03:21
You must apply the Word to your life before you can receive God’s power. #truth
KingdomGateEnt Inc. 26/09/2017 03:20
#truth Your dreams are not in competition with anyone!!! #TuesdayThoughts
Clh 26/09/2017 02:34
Thank you @lynne_neagle @AlzSocCymru @CarersTrust @AgeingWellCymru .thankyou for hearing about my life as a carer..#truth+ honesty matters
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