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BROTHERS ENT. 22/10/2017 12:01
https://   Go through our very first video and do give suggestions. Hope you like it. #keepfollowingBE #tweetit More in a row
 https://      Go through our very first video and do give suggestions. Hope you like it. #keepfollowingBE #tweetit  More in a row <br>
How Much Money Do I Need for My Startup? Fri, 29 Jul 2011 04:45:00 GMT
It’s an obvious question. And if you’re looking for startup investors you’d better be able to answer it well, and quickly too. No wandering eyes. No doubt. If you’re doing a pitch, have a slide for it. And be specific. I liked this from Ben ...
Barry Chuckle 21/10/2017 11:46
God I miss having a bird, I’m ready to settle down #tweetit

Get the latest score and analysis from the Warriors vs. Blazers preseason game in Oakland on Friday at 7:30 p.m. GSW chemistry falling apart, Strauss writes piece on Dray, GSW bands together against Strauss. Wow. Strauss part of Light YearsEach of these ...
Ollie Guest 21/10/2017 10:39
I've had a 4 way kiss with Jordan harper, matt downes & a bird #tweetit
Just to let you know, I'm now writing a Daily Kos diary about assembling a World of Warcraft guild. And, when I finish it, I will use one of the icons at the top to tweet it, and think of you. Some men see things as they are and ask why. I see things that ...
OLIVER TAM 21/10/2017 10:04
Stop talking about my girlfriend like tha , #tweetit
KOREAN consumer electronics giant Samsung and Japanese imaging specialist Canon notched the most wins yesterday at an event honouring the best in technology products and games. Samsung bagged seven accolades while Canon netted six at the second annual DL ...
Cerys Leff 21/10/2017 08:42
‘He says he can’t do this anymore’ ‘send him a pic of your fanny’ #tweetit
Taylor Collins 21/10/2017 08:29
I can't even suck dick without throwing up let alone down a VK in 2 seconds #tweetit
cm 21/10/2017 08:12
I've been kicked out of moos 4 times, twice in one night #tweetit
Dornan 21/10/2017 08:11
And she was getting really deep and emotional, but I was just like well..... guess who’s shagging him now bitch #tweetit #Ineednewfriends
Bobbie Elouise  ✨ 21/10/2017 08:03
Oi you, get your bum out of our booth #tweetit
Sean 21/10/2017 07:25
‘Boys I just matched a fit burd on tinder and she’s so fit’ #tweetit
meg 21/10/2017 07:19
it's like ketty abba #tweetit
s(cal)eton   💀 21/10/2017 02:50
(about myself) “he protec... he also attac but only when we fric frac” #tweetit
Holly Dixon 21/10/2017 02:10
I couldn't get it down my throat, it was too hard #tweetit
Rhian 21/10/2017 11:40
' I have no sexual vibes off gingers what so ever' #tweetit
Jocelyn Kuyaziwa  🦄 21/10/2017 11:40
He’s ginger, he’s lucky I fancied home in the first place #tweetit
Spicey Slicey 20/10/2017 08:53
If you haven’t stuck your dick in crazy what are you even doing #tweetit
Rhian 20/10/2017 05:02
'How did you fit that in your mouth?' #tweetit
Damoflauge 19/10/2017 09:07
I walked that blonde bint all the way home for her to say "I've been in a relationship for 4 years" #tweetit
  🎃 Jono  🎃 18/10/2017 09:31
"you'd be more willing to have a finger up the bumhole than me" #tweetit
Lewis 18/10/2017 08:38
I love being strangled & i love being a gimp #TweetIt
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